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The Australian Agriculture Sector is Discovering the Future Applications of AR Technology

The first edition of the Australian Ag Immersive Technology Conference, held at Melbourne, is giving Australian agriculture into the present capabilities and future possibilities of utilising augmented reality (AR) technology.

The event has been organised through the collaboration of fifteen Australian Rural Research and Development Corporations. Delegates at this conference are gaining valuable insight into the influence of AR, and how the technology form is being utilised for training, manufacturing, and marketing on farms.

Augmented reality is making its mark mostly in the retail sphere currently, and aiding the efforts of retailers. They are using AR to discover inventive methods for grabbing the attention of potential customers.

Research platform Lumaten – Shopper 360 deals with revealing eye-opening trends related to the behavioural patterns of retail shoppers. Sean Cunial, Asia-Pacific Vice President, Lumaten – Shopper 360, shed some light on how the company utilises AR, and clubs it with cognitive psychology to show retailers how to effectively gain customer attention.

According to Cunial, marketers generally direct their efforts to create brand love among consumers. However, the purchase decision lies with a shopper, and it is important to find the link between a brand and its consumer’s decision-making trend. Cunial thinks that this can play a major role in the success of retail store business.

He further elaborated regarding Lumaten’s attempts to create close-to-real simulations of in-store environments. Shopper 360 is able to capture the behaviours of consumers within its virtual shop, every 10th of a single second.

AUGGD is a pioneering technology provider that facilitates AR capabilities and application utilisations for various movie makers, motor companies and educators.

Paul Kouppas, a team leader at AUGGD, remarked that the information which can be accumulated during shopping excursions can prove quite beneficial for them.

Consumers can access recipes and even make their desired dishes within the comfort of an AR environment. The technology can help them make up their minds by providing culinary information if they simply point towards an AR poster. – Paul Kouppas

The perks of AR can also follow consumers to their home. Using this technology, they can discover recipes involving the available raw items. Tutorials regarding how to cook a particular dish can also be obtained.

AgriGate Australia is a company utilising AR as an avenue to boost the sales of Australian milk, beef, lamb, etc. in Asian marketplaces.

Manu Sridhar, Head of Operations, AgriGate Australia, spoke to the delegates about his company’s drive to convert and retain Asian consumers across age groups. According to him, buyers in Asian markets can be proactively influenced to opt for Australian products with AR.

Sridhar stressed the significance of looking after the interests of producers and providing a balanced value system for products. He explained that to facilitate better outcomes for producers, the company is offering an AR application to help establish more personalised connections with consumers. Consumers are being informed of why paying higher for Australian products ensures higher quality.


Improving consumer experiences through AR can open up even better opportunities for the Australian agricultural sector.








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