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Texas Winery Shake Hands with VISION, debuts AR Wine Labels

Texas Winery Shake Hands with VISION, debuts AR Wine Labels
The rich wine-making heritage in the state and a creator in Texas wine, Messina Hof come-to-terms with the VISION production group, a highly celebrated, ingenious media group. The business operators of both organizations were excited to announce the launch of first-ever, groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) wine labels. Texas winery will highlight the latest wine label on Messina Hof’s newest wines- Emblaze (Sweet Red Wine), Abounding (Dry Red Blend), and Vitality (Dry White Wine). The owner of Texas made the debut of this innovative creation alongside their kitchen location and latest Messina Hof Harvest Green winery.

Historic hof brand

The wine labels form an array that sees into the roots of Messina Hof from Vineyard Cuisine culinary, grape growing, and wine-making process. The forty-year-old historic Messina Hof brand had everything to offer to its clients but a realistic, interactive experience. VISION implanted the highly adventurous and fully immersive augmented reality experience into the brand, trying to transform the age-old winery into a connective adventure. Messina Hof customers can gain access to the features of AR wine labels through the brand’s mobile app, which is also affiliated with VISION. VISION used 3D modeling, animation techniques, and 3D animation to create the AR label. The development team of VISION included UX design, programming, conception, testing, prototyping, and support to create the AR wine label. Anyone with a camera-enabled device and the Messina Hof brand app can gain access to this realistic, yet stylized environment and enjoy a live-on experience, a first in the state.


Brand story

Tracey Shappro, the President and CEO at VISION, explained how esteemed the organization had been to work with the prestigious Texas Winery. So, when Texas offered VISION the chance to materialize their latest wine label, the latter created a unique solution. And they did it. With the AR wine label, Texas can interface with its consumers and explain the brand story to the world.

The latest additions to Messina Hof’s wine collection, Emblaze, Abounding, and Vitality will not only welcome wine drinkers with a variable taste but also allow them to have a look at the exclusive wine and food recipes at Messina Hof vintages. According to Messina Hof’s co-owner, Karen Bonarrigo, wine lovers can deeply connect with the company’s services. He explained how the organization has always pioneered technological advances and innovation in the Texas winery, and the development of the new AR label has extended that devotion.

Interactive experience

Customers can purchase the new Harvest Green Labels online and from all four of Messina Hof’s locations. They can also download the Messina Hof app, which is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

With the latest AR wine label, customers will be able to connect with Texas winery to an extent that goes beyond the video, the event, and even the augmented reality, or interactive experience. VISION will create an experience for Texas wine lovers that lingers in their hearts and minds and lasts long, even after the season is over.

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