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Texada and Vizalogix to Introduce AR to the Construction Sector

Texada and Vizalogix have formed a strategic alliance to provide augmented reality (AR) innovation to the field of construction.

According to a news release issued by Vizalogix on November 10th, the cooperation brings together Texada’s platform for the construction equipment sector market and Vizalogix’s hub of engagement layers, which are meant to facilitate interactions with consumers, equipment dealers, and manufacturers.

Vizalogix is now able to function on the Texada platform after becoming a member of the Texada Partner Program. The news statement says that it could make it possible for construction salespeople, techs, and their clients to have better live video calls.

Shawn Bonnington, CEO and founder of Vizalogix, was quoted in the announcement as saying that the company’s partnership with Texada represents a significant advancement for the company. He said that the team is prepared to establish new benchmarks for service in the sector with the help of applications like TethrIT Now, and its primary emphasis is on fostering a closer interaction between clients and the equipment vendors who are responsible for maintaining their machines.

According to the website of Vizalogix, TethrIT Now mixes augmented reality and video technologies in order to assist companies in providing remote technical assistance. By granting support personnel the ability to see what their customers see and assisting customers in completing difficult tasks with the use of augmented reality overlay technologies, the solution enhances communication, cooperation, and productivity.

The purpose of the Texada Partner Programme, according to the news release, is to collaborate with the most important software businesses in the construction equipment industry to provide innovative, fresh ideas for the sector.

As per the statement, the firms want to assist existing construction equipment enterprises in expanding their operations by integrating the user-centric digital solutions developed by Vizalogix.

Vizalogix stated in a press release that dealerships can run more efficiently when they can solve customers’ concerns in real time using cutting-edge technology. They may also provide a distinctive customer experience that promotes brand loyalty.

PYMNTS intelligence study indicates that the construction sector is using technology more and more to help improve operations and create resilience. Thirty percent of these businesses stated that they are making investments in technological advances to preserve their resources and time in anticipation of a possible downturn, according to the PYMNTS and American Express poll, Building Better Cash Flow in Construction With Digital Payments.

According to the study results, many construction-related companies want to invest in new technologies that will quicken up the handling of payments, reduce project finance costs, and increase the effectiveness of back-office activities. In the construction sector, all of these problems are rather typical.

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