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TeamViewer & Siemens develop product lifecycle capabilities

TeamViewer, known widely for its remote computing software used around the world, is also a leading remote connectivity and digital workplace solutions provider. It recently announced a new strategic cooperation with Siemens Digital Industries Software to offer its own enterprise augmented reality (AR) offering Frontline to the Teamcenter application by Siemens. It is an Xcelerator asset Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform.

Based on new information from TeamViewer, on basis of the terms of the agreement, the global client base of Siemens can enhance its processes of product development. They can benefit from the solution by creating and utilising bespoke immersive experiences with three-dimensional information linked to the digital version of a product. Product 3D models can be tweaked easily, and they facilitate the cooperation of work groups across the duration of the product lifecycle. As a result, they are able to generate information-powered product decisions and technological advancements.

The Spatial module of the Frontline AR platform by TeamViewer lets users don mixed reality (MR) glasses. They can rely on options such as Microsoft HoloLens, to carry out tasks more intuitively and can interactively. Digital information that is relayed to them, along with 3D features, and audio-visual content in MR and AR environments are helping them achieve better outcomes. The virtual information provided through holograms is superimposed on real-world settings to help enhance the capabilities of employees in obtaining the direction of the visual processes involved.

According to TeamViewer, with the addition of the Frontline Spatial module in Siemens’ Teamcenter, organisations will be able to capitalise on their current CAD and PLM assets for generating better efficiency, speed and product development process quality. As a result, the aspects of maintenance and aftermarket service also improve. Due to this, teams can easily generate interactive AR content by harnessing the available PLM data. It will not require any programming skills on their part.

TeamViewer CEO Oliver Steil remarked that the organisation is very excited about its new cooperation with Siemens in the PLM sector and about assisting its clients in increasing their sustainability, process output quality and efficiency. According to him, the proactive collaboration between the two companies highlights the leadership of TeamViewer in the aspect of groundbreaking technologies such as MR and AR. Stiel believes that the new partnership also uplifts his company’s significance as a major player in the worldwide technology space. He considers recent developments to be key growth drivers for the enterprise ambitions of TeamViewer.

Siemens Digital Industries Software CEO and President Tony Hemmelgarn remarked that delivering compelling and immersive experiences to the customer base of the company is essential for boosting the acceptance of the operational simulation model.

According to him, the TeamViewer partnership has created a new avenue for its teams of engineers, managers and architects to have fruitful product data interactions. They are achieving this by relying on some of the most cutting-edge mixed reality solutions available.

According to TeamViewer stated that the new offering is expected to be rolled out sometime later this year.

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