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TeamViewer Purchases Ubimax to Enhance AR Reach for Enterprise Customers

TeamViewer, a remote connectivity solutions provider, has recently announced its purchase of Ubimax, an augmented reality (AR) and wearable computing solution provider for frontline workers. It has put pen to paper on a definitive agreement for the acquisition. According to TeamViewer, this new acquisition will help it achieve a considerable expansion of its portfolio of Internet of Things (IoT) and AR offerings, by introducing purpose-specific solutions for enterprise customers.

Ubimax, founded in Bremen in 2014, offers an augmented reality solution for enabling industrial workers to gain access to vital information during their sessions. According to the company, its offering helps to achieve measurable efficiency enhancements and improvements. It also provides a range of other offerings including the Frontline industrial AR software, consultancy services, and wearable devices.

The company’s Frontline suite is fundamentally a toolkit for non-office professionals. Workers can use it to carry out tasks such as warehouse order picking, by performing a visualisation of concrete instructions, for which details are relayed through head-worn devices, and smart glasses. The setup helps to enhance the productivity of workers, along with facilitating workflow management and frontline worker communication for enterprise customers.

Ubimax has a workforce comprising of upwards of 90 staff members across the company’s Germany, Mexico, and US offices. According to the company, Its employees are tasked with selling products to a base of almost 200 enterprise customers across several industries on a global level.

TeamViewer acquires Ubimax. Image source: ubimax

Oliver Steil, the TeamViewer CEO, spoke regarding the acquisition, saying that the company was enthusiastic about the acquisition of Ubimax, as it was the first transaction in its history. He said that by joining forces with Ubimax, TeamViewer will work to develop industry-leading, global-level industrial workplace technology, and connectivity solutions. According to Steil, the combined product portfolio of TeamViewer and its partner will present a robust and comprehensive option for customers interested in establishing secure device, process, and worker connections across various industry sectors. He greeted the founders and team members of Ubimax to Teamviewer and welcomed the prospect of hands-on innovation.

Hendrik Witt, CEO and co-founder of Ubimax, shared his views about the acquisition also, expressing that the company’s team was eager to become a part of TeamViewer’s eventful journey. He explained that Ubimax’s AR platform and valuable experience in the domain of industrial workflow integration created an ideal opportunity for collaboration with TeamViewer. Witt acknowledged that he, along with Percy Stocker and Jan Junker, the other co-founders were jubilant about stepping into the TeamViewer family, and said that they would focus on worldwide growth.

TeamViewer said that its association with Ubimax will help it to diversify its offerings for enterprise customers, and relay support for shop floor digitisations via wearable devices, apps and customised software. The company also said that the Ubimax acquisition will help it to speed up development for industry-specific applications, with the incorporation of artificial intelligence and data analytics. The innovation in question will use the TeamViewer Pilot as a base. TeamViewer also hopes to explore a greater scope of opportunities across new industry sectors through the partnership.

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