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Taqtile announces launch of AR tool for work instruction creation

Taqtile, Inc., a developer of the augmented reality (AR) based professional instruction offering Manifest and a provider of AR work instruction solutions for on-the-move employees, recently announced the release of its innovative application, the Manifest Maker app.

In order to help businesses apply and gain value from AR-enabled work systems, Manifest Maker allows for the development of virtual, step-by-step processes to guide deskless employees. This helps businesses get past the challenge of incorporating and gaining from AR-enabled organisational systems.

Taqtile claims that businesses can easily point-and-shoot procedures when it comes to fixing broken parts in production machines or performing fleet car assessments. By allowing users to easily record video of a professional doing an operation and convert it into a digital method, Manifest Maker helps to speed up the generation of AR work instructions and lower learning curves.

With the use of the tools in Manifest Maker, users can design their own commands that can be expanded with video, still images obtained from videos, and other photos, along with text output, scans and spoken directions. According to the business, the outcome is a stepwise digital process that can be produced very fast and used by deskless workers.

John Tomizuka, co-founder and Taqtile’s chief technical officer described that till relatively recent times, it was challenging, time-consuming, and sometimes quite pricey to digitise processes for use by deskless workers. He said that an AR-enabled platform like Manifest Maker’s stunning ease will help consumers in any field to easily and swiftly produce commands that can be enhanced and distributed by deskless workers throughout the organisation.

The new Manifest Maker platform comes with a number of powerful features that users can benefit from. These include features for intuitive video footage drag and drop, auto video transcription, still image generation, dictation and more. Users can also annotate images with both graphical and text content, and make digitally scanned versions of paper documents.

The company’s AR-enabled Manifest platform, where work instructions can be improved with spatial anchoring and augmented reality (AR) content, is also perfectly interoperable with finished work commands produced with Manifest Maker. This platform enables deskless workers to access instructions at any time and at any place.

Deskless workers can access Manifest Maker’s stepwise operating procedures, virtual guidebooks and advice, digital twins and 3D animated models. It also features comprehensive holograms, and other types of invaluable company-focused data with the help of the Manifest platform, effectively raising maintenance and work efficiencies aside from enhancing safety.

Additionally, work instructions are sent directly to the machinery via an iPad or helmet display. This helps to enhance training outcomes and accelerate the carrying out of significant stages. A company’s operations centre as well as the equipment OEMs could provide real-time remote assistance with educational experts when the need for further in-depth education arises.

The Manifest Maker platform from Taqtile is currently accessible on the Apple App Store as free content. You can visit the firm’s website for additional details on Taqtile and its solutions for mobile workers employing AR technology.

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