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Stirling adopts AR to change tourist experience

In an enthralling world’s first, Stirling has been transformed into an entirely augmented reality (AR) city, according to the event planners.

Modern software has revolutionised the visitor experience in Stirling by enabling smartphone-based city exploration. Through the use of computer-generated information, architects can augment some aspects of the user’s real-world surroundings.

They produce inputs for digital content, spanning from music to video, that react in real-time to alterations in the user’s setting, and especially to movement. Interactive games that unlock prizes and incentives bring Stirling’s rich culture and legacy to existence.

Users must download the free Stirling XP application and put up their handsets whilst moving about the city to be able to experience the new AR environment. Christopher Kane, the council leader, stated that Stirling is at the nexus of Scottish history at the application’s recent unveiling in the city centre.

According to Kane, the Battle of Stirling Bridge is actually the origin of our tourist industry, and Stirling is surrounded by a plethora of antique architecture.

The app will enable the history tale of Stirling to be recounted in a way that connects with visitors recently, as per Mr Kane, who has lived in Stirling throughout his life and also was elected head of the council earlier in 2022. Kane emphasised that if people want to learn about Scottish history, they should partake in the AR experience. He also hinted that moving towards the use of technology is the best course for the future, even if he had previously endeavoured to keep his own children away from smartphone overuse.

Stirling Council, BT, and Seymour Powell, a technology company with a location at Codebase Stirling that assisted in developing the cutting-edge software, worked together to construct the AR city.

With funds from the Scottish Government Place Based Investment Program, Stirling Council committed £200,000 towards the initiative.

Kane elaborated further, saying that the experience is a global first one that will completely transform the tourist interaction in the picturesque city, owing to the availability of this AR environment across Stirling.

According to him, a totally immersive and dynamic experience that no other city presently offers will be created by overlaying interactive information, 3D models, visuals, and much more over Stirling’s historic city centre and notable attractions. This ground-breaking product will increase Stirling’s profile and draw more visitors to the city, enhancing the whole tourist industry. Stirling is currently a must-visit destination.

Stirling will become a more accessible and diverse city that is setting the bar for innovative modern tourism thanks to the new free application, which will also provide a tonne of amazing opportunities for local companies.

Seymour Powell’s head of immersive experiences, Chris Doughty, remarked that the Stirling XP project serves as an example of what can be accomplished when progressive public organisations, modern infrastructure vendors, and celebrated designers collaborate.

The new software was introduced by Chris Doughty of Seymour Powell, Chris Kane, Council leader of Stirling, and Alan Lees of BT Enterprise.

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