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Stadia’s technology will be employed to develop realistic AR and VR headgear encounters

Tech giant Google revealed its Immersive Stream’ technology a few months back. It is a privatised B2B offering that has sparked a lot of debate around the world regarding Stadia’s consumer-side edition. According to the company, the new offering is not a novel one, but it is being considered as a part of the objective. It has also been revealed that the development has no bearing on the future of one’s game collection.

Following the initial announcement, Google stated that Immersive Stream would be expanded into the realm of XR or extended reality. XR is an amalgamation of virtual reality and augmented reality technology. In essence, the incorporation of XR technology makes it possible to superimpose items in the real world, whilst also creating an alternate reality. Microsoft calls it ‘Mixed Reality,’ and it can be the next best thing.

Users can now try XR on iOS, Android and Chrome. Although the development is in its early stages, multiple results conducted with headgear have shown some promise. One of the most prevalent applications for it currently is in the retail space. Users can easily take a three-dimensional digital model of the objects they wish to fit within their residence and manifest it to observe how the dimensions combine with the living area. This type of shopping express is preferred by consumers across the board.

Google Cloud has recently held several XR-focused streams, and this technology has started with the Google Stadia offering. It is currently being explored for usage across a wide array of sectors. According to observations, the firm intends to use the infrastructure of Stadia to offer instantaneous cloud-driven solutions. These can be utilised by tourists, healthcare professionals, students, educators, designers, and others in digital arenas within which they can develop, work and get entertained whilst they are donning a headset.

Based on some speculations, Google is working on a new piece of AR headgear titled ‘Project Iris’ that is set to be released sometime in 2024. It is set to have components such as a processor within it and relies on cloud streaming for making several experiences possible. It will be a welcome move at a time when XR is widely considered one of the most promising technology forms that have applications beyond gaming and entertainment.

It is designed to be a lightweight XR headset that runs efficiently and relies on Wi-Fi connectivity to stream games over the cloud, and run cutting-edge professional software, among other things. Currently, there is not a lot of information regarding the upcoming gadget and its set of features. There are expectations about some news related to the XR Immersive Stream in the near future.

Further applications for XR can include more methodical and successful staff training for surgeries, automobile repairs, and a lot of other tasks. It is something like a combination of the Google Glass product, along with the tech giant’s Stadia and Daydream offerings. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the offering.

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