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Spatiate Enables Multiple User AR Painting for the Magic Leap One

Augmented reality paintings are not a new concept today. Yet the idea of Android, iPhone, iPad and Magic Leap One users collaborating to create visual artforms is definitely a huge development.

Across Realities recently launched Spatiate, an application launched via Magic Leap World, available at a price of $9.99. This app will aim to facilitate augmented reality collaboration for Android and iOS users.

The application offers fundamental art creation functionality and it works quite similar to most ARKit applications, Google’s Just a Line, or Facebook’s tool for augmented reality painting.

With the ability to help online users connect within a virtual environment, Spatiate can also function as a tool for augmented reality telepresence. Users will be able to do more than remote collaboration, as three-dimensional models developed on Spatiate can also be exported and published on platforms like Sketchfab.

Kacey Weiniger, chief marketing officer, Across Realities, recently revealed details regarding Spatiate through a post on the Magic Leap blog. She explained that Spatiate can be used for at creation in similar ways such as paint brushes and crayons. It can be utilised as a way of creating mixed reality-based freeform art and facilitates effortless experimentation. According to Weiniger, the company is keen on observing the art pieces created by its users. She elaborated that people can use Spatiate for fast and effortless collaboration. The app UX design of Spatiate has been created using the features of the app.

Spatiate is already gaining favourable reviews from beta testers on the Magic Leap One platform.

John Hanacek, a consultant, and designer explained that he had been anticipating the type of features being offered by Spatiate for several years. He recently contributed to a blog post detailing his experience with the Spatiate beta version.

The experience was different from computer 3D modelling, as the app platform enables three-dimensional content projection in a direct manner. Being able to paint over the real world as a beautiful and hypnotic experience. The results of the beta version are quite intriguing. – Hanacek spoke

Across Realities co-founder Steve Lukas and Alexandria Heston, hold the distinction of being among the earliest members of the Magic Leap #LeapSquad online community. They are currently employed as developer relations and UX designer at Magic Leap. Even after Lukas and Heston left Across Realities for Magic Leap, the Spatiate concept still thrived through the efforts of their #LeapSquad associates, with lead developer Andres Ornelas.

Ornelas revealed to Next Reality that the Android and iOS beta versions are expected within a few weeks, closely followed by a public release. The company is now focusing on more apps and expanding compatibility.

Weiniger revealed that the company plans to extend Spatiate support for other platforms, as the application is already ready for AR and VR devices deployment. Across Realities is now exploring broader industry partner integrations, and more apps focusing on collaboration.


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