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Spatial AR/VR App Is Likely To Bring Huge Change with Their Exclusive Technology

In a recent announcement, the popular holographic collaboration platform for virtual reality and augmented reality, Spatial Systems Inc said that they are about to bring a native iOS, Android, and AR app that will run on the present generation of mobile devices.

As a result of nationwide lockdown, Spatial’s platform became popular as an alternative to other video meeting apps like zoom, and the usage increased up to 130 times than the previous year. Despite being popular, remote access to VR/AR headsets seems to be an obstruction for users as it is expensive and not available easily.


Why Augmented Reality? 

People can come across a wide variety of AR-enabled smartphones in the present market, but those are not good for AR & VR. Spatial uses advanced ARCore and ARKit on Android and iOS, and they aim to make AR & VR easily accessible to the people.

In augmented reality, manufacturers tend to use a window with layered holograms that add 3D graphics or extra information to make it livelier. For example, with this technology, people can display advertisements on the doors of a shop, and users can even create virtual avatars of individuals and have fun with AR & VR.


Betterment for All

Chief executive and co-founder of Spatial, Anand Agarwala said that this is a turning point for interactive 3D spaces, and it will bring a huge change in communication in the upcoming years.

He added that the decision would turn out to be a big step for Spatial computing and it would strengthen the leadership in the field of VR/AR collaboration tools. Earlier it was users who had a headset can experience the magic of Spatial but the company wants everyone to experience it.

People, who have a smartphone, now can experience the magic, and they can witness lifelike avatars of individuals in the living room, isn’t it amazing?



According to Statista, the present VR/AR market is expected to gross revenue of $73 billion by 2024, and the usage is rapidly increasing among the users. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic the requirement of separate workspace emerged, and the VR/AR technology can help to fill up the gap in an effective way.

The launch of Spatial on the Oculus store allowed individuals to experience an auditorium environment where more than 40 individuals can collaborate at a time. Virtual reality can bring people closer even if they are located in different locations, and it will be great.

Spatial’s chief product officer and co-founder, Jinha Lee said that their web and mobile apps tried to offer a perfect gateway experience for individuals who try to stay connected with family and remote friends, and they won’t require a headset to experience the magic.

The company is planning to sell more than 6 million devices in the first years. The manufacturers are planning to reach the broadest cross-section including students, family members, enterprise users, and even church groups so that they can experience the magic of AR/VR technology right in the hands.


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