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Spark AR’s Latest Augmented Reality Features to Hit Instagram Soon

Instagram’s creative aspects continue to grow as Spark AR introduces new augmented reality features. They offer online users and brands unique and exciting creative openings by simplifying AR creation. Being one of the top AR platforms in the world, the company is enhancing the creative canvas with effects and music, making content creation swift, fun and extremely easy for the users.

Using augmented reality to expand creative possibilities

People using Instagram can make AR experiences that respond to music. A user can choose free tracks from the app’s vast library or import legally licensed music. As far as it is mentioned, the feature will be coming to iOS devices soon, with Android already availing it.

A Spark AR representative said that the new music feature is open to third-party creators while the Spark AR brand policies still apply.

Apart from music, the company has also added AR effects. The user can apply these effects to photos and videos already existing in the device’s library, and those which are shot using the Instagram camera; providing a great way to jazz up old content. Now, users can express themselves more creatively.

Spark AR advances a little further to make the experience better with their Gallery Picker update. It allows creators to post effects on Instagram that are green-screen style. Other users can join the experience by customising the effects with their photos and videos. Gallery Picker goes hand-in-hand with imagination. For example, a user can transport to any environment digitally; like the depths of the ocean or space or another city. All these are made possible by the augmented reality feature.

Spark AR augmented reality features for Instagram. Image source: arpost

Making it easy to create augmented reality

According to a company representative, the new capabilities that come with the Spark AR Studio V89 helps smoothen the AR creation feature for easy use and reaches out to creators of all sorts.

Last year, they brought forward Spark AR Studio templates which offered tools that were friendly to users of all skill levels. It made AR creation easier and faster. In the recent update, they rolled out 2D and 3D sticker templates. Now effects can be easily created. With the help of plane tracking, a user can seamlessly add objects and images to a certain scene. As the latest templates use Instagram’s Native UI Picker, a creator can select from an array of stickers. The new additions are available for browsing in the Create New tab of Spark AR Studio.

Providing better visibility to creators

Spark AR did not only grow the creative toolset but also boosted creation visibility. A new feature called Effect Stories lets the users discover profiles with published effects. This feature displays 25 stories from users using the same effect. Your creations will also be available in the Instagram Effects tab.

Spark AR plans to extend its AR toolkit on Instagram with the coming updates to make creation more user-friendly. They’re also working on culturally relevant themes and moments.

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