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SpaceCatch enters the mobile AR gaming market with a new offering

A recently established cryptocurrency project called SpaceCatch has joined the augmented reality (AR) gaming market with a truly exciting move-to-earn game that has the potential to seriously challenge Pokémon GO. Though the creation of SpaceCatch was only just formally revealed, the firm has already attracted an unexpected interest in the idea it developed.

SpaceCatch just recently released its game, but owing to the special and useful features created for it, the firm was able to quickly attract a large audience. In only a few months, SpaceCatch acquired 100,000 followers, which it revealed on September 18. The news was made on Twitter, where SpaceCatch regularly informs its users of new game releases and promotions.

The SpaceCatch team innovated by using AR (augmented reality) and NFTs to build a unique universe where different species can interact with your smartphone as you just move.

In order to completely introduce gamers to Web3 gaming, SpaceCatch emphasises incorporating modern innovations like blockchain and digital valuables into the game.

The idea underpinning SpaceCatch is really exciting since players may earn cryptocurrency by participating in the game. To gain some tokens, players really need to walk. By incorporating play-to-earn (P2E) and move-to-earn (M2E) gaming principles, SpaceCatch turned this idea into a reality by enabling players to make money while enjoying the game and enhancing their physical well-being.

Since more than a year ago, SpaceCatch has been actively being developed, and its formal debut is anticipated for the end of 2023. The game is likely to be a key draw for gamers who are enthusiastic about augmented reality games.

It is also crucial to recognise that the in-game economy in SpaceCatch is open. The project said at the end of July that it would introduce its native token, CATCH. It also announced the beginning of a CATCH token airdrop shortly after that. In October 2023, the CATCH presale will commence.

By performing a variety of easy activities, users have the opportunity to collect CATCH tokens. Each player receives a specific quantity of CATCH based on their XP, which will become very important once the SpaceCatch game starts.

NFTs were not forgotten, however. Participants in the airdrop were therefore given 500 NFT Genesis Boxes and CATCH Totems. Once again, an incentive like this might give players a head start when the game first starts, which can help boost further revenue.

SpaceCatch doesn’t only create a move-to-earn game with innovation in mind. Through the employment of cutting-edge technology, the firm demonstrates its remarkable level of commitment to revolutionising the mobile gaming sector.

SpaceCatch may become the most popular AR and NFT-based game in this manner, with the aid of early backers, exposing more and more crypto aficionados to the universe of blockchain gaming and digital assets.

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