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Space Force Releases Augmented Reality NFTs

A new augmented reality (AR) NFT launch is set to honour the efforts and achievements of legendary American astronaut Neil Armstrong.

The United States Space Force is set to launch a satellite on June 17th to honour Neil Armstrong. It is one of the GPS III satellites and is set to take the global navigation and positioning services of the GPS constellation to civilians and the military. Space Force is putting in efforts to enhance capabilities in space. It is launching satellite NFTs simultaneously with the satellite to mark the event.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens have grown in prominence in recent times and are now considered vital commodities. They are blockchain assets that came into existence in 2017 with the launch of Cryptokitties and CryptoPunks. Blockchain technology has been embraced by many user groups such as actors, musicians, social media personalities, and even many brands. It is being acknowledged as one of the most high-value blockchain commodities in the world. Space Force has entered into partnerships with VueXR and WorldwideXR for releasing their NFTs with the aid of augmented reality technology.

The new NFT collection is known as the Armstrong Satellite NFT Launch with Space Force, is a USSF Non-Fungible Token (NFT), the first of its kind. This collection has an NFT format digital replication GPS III SV05 ARMSTRONG satellite, and the GPS III SV05 ARMSTRONG Patch and Coin NFTs that are designed to commemorate the patches and coins designated for the team members of the USSF mission. The NFTs are made to the actual scale of the coins and patches and users can access them through the Android or iOS platform VueXR application.

The ARMSTRONG satellite NFT was made available on June 14th through Star Atlas, a few days before the launch event of the satellite. Star Atlas is the online metaverse where these assets are present. The NFTs can also be accessed from the digital platform Ethernity, which is a place for several items such as playing cards. Ethernity will feature the Armstrong NFTs on the same day as the launch.

To acquire an ARMSTRONG NFT users need to have access to a blockchain wallet along with cryptocurrency for the wallet. Recent developments in the political world have addressed the cryptocurrency hurdles and stressed acknowledging its importance going forward. The US Government is optimistic about a future where cryptocurrency plays a more prominent role. Further developments are expected with regard to these efforts in the near future.

The “ARMSTRONG” NFT collection is supportive of the US Military and those who have served in it. However, it is not directly or officially backed by the Department of Defense and any of its subsidiaries.

Travis Cloud, NFT Executive Producer and CEO of WorldwideXR, spoke about the project, saying that the NFT collection is consolidating its legacy by taking advantage of blockchain technology. According to him, the NFT collection is a signifier of the efforts of the USSF and Armstrong Estate towards providing education for present and future generations. He also highlighted the importance of enhancing space capabilities for ensuring better protection for the United States from threats that originate in space.

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