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Social Media Platforms are Gearing up for Augmented Reality Sneakers

Augmented reality (AR) based sneakers may be the next big thing for fashion on social media.


AR is a type of immersive technology that can bring digital elements to life by superimposing them in real-world settings. It is a contrast from virtual reality where people are taken to virtual worlds. AR is now being used across industries by businesses that are trying to optimise experiences for customers. It is used by interior design companies to give users an idea about how something will look in their rooms. AR is also used by graphic designers, game devs, automobile manufacturers, architects, and more.

Mostly, augmented reality technology has been limited to the projection of things in open areas or gimmick filters in social media stories. However, an artist named Zack Kroll, aka Bald Boy is now making augmented reality designs that are representative of things individuals would wear, on social media platforms.

Zack is the creator of am augmented reality-based series known as SatARday, a weekly feature where he designs sneakers in AR and hosts giveaways. Users are able to use filters to try on the designs made by the artist. What’s remarkable is, the designs move with one’s feet, respond to light changes, and are also capable of realistic reflection.

Zack usually posts the content on Instagram but it gets imported into Snapchat. Users also have the option of opting for several formats and gaining more information about the offering online.


Speaking about the project, Zack said that augmented reality filters help to accelerate the construction of virtual communities where users can gain an understanding of how physical and digital worlds are related. He elaborated that currently there is no commercial aspect to the project, but hinted that as the buzz around it grows and people get familiar with the tech, it will happen. Zack said that there are plans to sell wearables across popular NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.


NFT wearables are items that can be worn by the digital avatars of users. This is not something you will enjoy in the real world but holds a lot of value in the digital and crypto space. However, the new offering by Zack signifies the way forward for the future of fashion in the digital world.


Avatars have been a craze for quite some time and made their mark on various media offerings across Facebook, Fortnite, and several other social and gaming ones. They are widely accepted as the virtual representations of individuals online and can be customised in terms of appearance. You can decide how your digital avatar looks and tweak its look to be close to how you are. In the near future, it will be possible to get even more customisation and even transfer avatars between different platforms and websites.


Zack’s project lays stress on making digital assets more accessible to users. Although it is just a small venture now it can grow in scale with time and more exposure.

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