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Snapchat’s Survey Indicates AR as an Instrumental Part of the New Shopping Norm

The last couple of years has witnessed a rapid growth in VR and AR technology in multiple sectors. We are already aware of how they could help us in various ways. From gathering information in comparatively less time to connecting with peers for collaboration and communication; from obtaining knowledge from various sources to creating art—the contributions of these innovative technologies are proving to be invaluable. But more than anything else, the impact of immersive technology on the marketing industry has been paramount.

Snapchat Inc., in collaboration with Foresight Factory, has conducted some research on the potential role of AR technology in the future of shopping trends and customer behavior titled “Future of Shopping”. The report gives a comprehensive insight into how instrumental AR technology is going to become in the coming days with regard to consumer return, especially in the post-COVID era when the shops open once again. They wanted to grasp the impact of AR technology in marketing and what it could potentially mean for the brands. The observation, nevertheless, concludes that consumers all over the world are visibly influenced by the way various brands are utilizing AR technology and also indicates the potential to drive high foot traffic once the stores open via a unique experience of “connected shopping”.

Integral driver

The report also revealed how AR experiences and tools, such as apps and social media filters, could be an integral driver of engagement, customer experiences, and subsequently, sales. The data indicated that in the upcoming times, we might expect to see up to a 37% increase in shoppers across the Gen Z demography who use AR before investing in a product by the year 2025.

Powerful tool

Snapchat, one of the leading social media platforms, boasts a whopping 500 million users across the globe. Rather than being a space to share funny pictures and pet videos, it has gradually become a powerful tool for brands that they can employ for increasing customer engagement. The AR tool and features provided by the platform have boosted its popularity among then users. At the same time, it has given brands and marketers novel ways to improve customer retention.

Virtual Trial

The biggest trend that AR technology has boosted among consumers is “virtual trial”. Just as regular shops, they can now try on clothing, accessories, and several other products before deciding to buy them. And this extends to several other items, including beauty, furniture, automobile, and many more.

The shift of eCommerce

Over time, eCommerce has significantly shifted from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets. The Snapchat report suggests that over 40% of online shopping is done via smartphone during the 2018 holiday season. With such growth in the use of mobile devices, many of which effectively feature AR capabilities, brands are experiencing positive results in AR activations. Over 62% of respondents who came across branded AR content were reportedly encouraged to engage with the respective brands. This is even forecasted to impact physical shopping as well, for 44% of respondents (mostly Gen Z) said they prefer to try and compare the product via AR features before making a purchase from the physical store.

For more details, you can refer to Snapchat’s Report.

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