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Snapchat Organises Its First-Ever Award Ceremony, Recognises the Best AR Lenses in the Industry

Award categories included gaming, art, beauty, fashion, food, utility, environment, social good, and more.

With the introduction of Snapchat Lens Studio in 2017, AR creators have developed and published around two million lenses on the renowned social media platform. This resulted in an astounding two trillion views by Snapchat users, and the numbers are skyrocketincg with each passing day.

To celebrate these funky AR lenses, Snapchat launched Lens Fest, a unique annual event that will give the creators their due recognition for their innovation and at the same time, encourage aspiring developers to come up with more unique creations. Started back in 2018, this year Lens Fest is proudly celebrating its third year.

This year’s Lens Fest began on 7th December and will wrap up on 10th Deecember. Developers from all over the world have come together on this platform to join the series of business-building sessions. workshops, discussions on the innovative applications of AR technology, and are participating in the demonstration of new creations and features. The organisers hope that this collaboration will pave the way for the future of AR technology and the way it is shaping how we perceive the world.

The highlight of this year’s Lens Fest, however, was the Award Ceremony. The very first time in Snapchat’s history, the social media giant facilitated nine unique AR experiences across nine categories that came out in 2021. Below is a glimpse into some of these remarkable creations recognised during Lens Fest 2021.


Best in Originality: SKIN THIEF (By Denis Rossiev)

Denis Rossiev created a unique AR Lens that brings shape-shifting magic into real-life. The Lens utilises body tracking technology to capture, scan, and overlay your look onto that of your friends. With this fun AR lens, you can now pose as someone elese.

Best in Creativity: ROCK HANDS (By 2020CV’s Hart Woolery)

An already popular name in AR creations, Hart has been a programmer and serial entrepreneur since he was 12. Since his teen years, he has been inspired by the way people pair music and art. To bring this phenomenon into real-life, Hart developed Rock Hand, an AR game that reimagines the pairing of AR experiences to contemporary tunes.

Best in Art & Expression: ¡Vendedores, Presente! (By Sallia Goldstein)

Sallia Goldstein collaborated with Ruben Ochoa, an L.A.-based digital artist to create an augmented reality monument that pays tribute to the shared history of the street vendors in Los Angeles. This project was developed as part of Our History Perspective Initiative in collaboration with LACMA.

Best in Technical Skill — Jig Kitchen How-To (By JigSpace)

The Australian AR studio Jigspace has been working tirelessly to make education more accessible using 3D technology. In their latest effort, JigSpace created a path-breaking AR app that helps people easily solve household problems such as a clogged sink or assembling a shelf.

Best in Environmental & Social Good — Bleached Seas (By Helena Papageorgiou)

Another Australian developer Helena Papageorgiou is using augmented reality to start a conversation about a local issue, but with a global impact, i.e., coral bleaching.  Through her creation, Helena is educating people about climate change, marine pollution, biodiversity and much more via interactive AR.

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