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Snapchat and Inspirit Collaborate on STEM AR Courses

Snapchat is now working with the virtual experience learning platform Inspirit on the development of a brand new STEM augmented reality (AR) curriculum. Educators and students will have access to a more adaptable learning option as a result of this agreement, which will make use of Snapchat lenses and other well-known augmented reality features. The STEM programme now incorporates immersive simulations, 3D models, and other educational technologies developed by researchers at Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab.

Students will benefit from help in better visualising fundamental STEM principles like geometry as they connect with practical applications via the usage of the educational filters that are integrated into Snapchat’s augmented reality (AR) structure, called the Camera Kit. The complete learning guide that goes along with the subject matter is meant to assist pupils with raising their levels of engagement in the educational environment, self-esteem, and optimism.

After the first launch, Snapchat plans to provide a total of 25 STEM AR training modules to at least 50 schools located throughout the United States. A case study from 2023 featuring eighth-grade students, instructors, and the leadership of company Stride Inc. working together via the apps Inspirit and Snapchat demonstrated the efficacy of this technique. The study showed promising results, with students reporting that their knowledge increased and their curiosity in STEM topics was reignited as a direct result of using AR simulations.

Research conducted on a wide range of augmented reality application scenarios has revealed that the technology has a positive impact on educational outcomes for students. The majority of users have claimed improved learning outcomes and increased results as compared to traditional instructional methods. While the long-term effects of AR on student motivation need to be seen, there can be little doubt that AR has the potential to pique students’ curiosity and deepen their comprehension of a topic.

The collaboration between Snapchat and Inspirit illuminates how the demands put on teachers are changing to fit the requirements of their pupils in an environment where educational technology is becoming more pervasive. As educators go into uncharted territory like online or remote learning, they are enhancing the teaching and learning experiences they provide their students with the assistance of technology and artificial intelligence technologies. The new augmented reality curriculum that Snapchat has introduced is one example of how social media businesses are responding to concerns highlighted by educators. These worries include the degree of student participation and the students’ emotional well-being.

Teachers could sign up for an obligation-free trial of the new lenses here if they have an interest in discovering more. Pupils will have complete access to the programme starting in the autumn of 2024.

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