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Snap! Orlando Showcases Latest Augmented Reality with ‘City Unseen 2.0

The City Unseen exhibition was first launched during last year’s November, offering several augmented reality (AR) displays spread throughout Orlando. The features of these technical artforms are visible to smartphone users.

The City Unseen “2.0” edition, unveiled by Snap! Orlando can be observed at the East Colonial Drive Snap! Space venue, situated in the Mills 50 District. This display focuses on interactions within the gallery and features a greater selection of AR technologies than the previous edition.

Patrick Kahn, Founder, Snap! Orlando stated that whilst his organisation was an early leader in adopting artwork fuelled by technology, its industry peers are also joining in.

Kahn revealed that he has been having conversations with various industry professionals regarding the possibilities of technology-driven artforms. According to him, all parties expressed interest in the concept of art-technologies, fuelling questions regarding the capabilities, handling mechanisms and if there are any reservations.

Kahn regarded Apple as a leading organisation contributing to the production of AR experiences through their [AR]T Walk initiative. The company has been installing interactive AR displays across the globe. AR as a technology form has seen increased usage following the launch of experiences like the popular game Pokemon GO. This has prompted many industries including architecture, medicine and furniture to explore AR development possibilities for their consumer bases.

City Unseen version 2.0 features a wide selection of technology-based artwork pieces, some of which are interactive holographic exhibits. Some of the other pieces include a Twitter-powered project featuring pattern projections, fidget spinners, and others driven by AR.

Ginger Leigh, an Orlando-based artist, who also goes by the name Synthestruct, who is equally enthusiastic about science, coding and art. Leigh amalgamates her passions to come up with pieces like “Transcode,” one of the new installations at Snap! Orlando.

Leigh, speaking about Transcode, said that the development is capable of capturing individual images and translating them into thousands of fragments.

These fragments can be manipulated by users to form abstract variations of themselves, and help them gain in-depth analysis into the possibilities of their physical selves. – Ginger leigh

According to Leigh, one interpretation created through AR can signify how individuals scatter fragments of themselves across various social media channels. Another City Unseen 2.0 project focuses on the topic of the chaotic online existences of individuals.

“Dazzle Camouflage,” a project by artist Matt Robert, bears reference to the camouflage uniforms of the WW2-era, which focussed on confusing the opposition. Its Robert’s take on how challenging seeking out facts can be.

Robert came up with the idea by using the current state of the Trump administration as a reference point. According to him, confusing is prevalent in society as people find it harder to distinguish between true and false things.

Kahn spoke regarding the prospects of developing art with technology, stating that the potential is great, as long as the emphasis is on the art.

He elaborated his view, stating that the focus of artists should not shift from artistic expression to technology gimmicks. However, he remains optimistic as the positive impact of technology on art is quite clear.



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