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Snap introduces ChatGPT to its AR during the Lens Fest

With AI finding its way into more consumer electronics, Snap has made a decision to integrate ChatGPT to its AR Lenses.

Lens makers may now use ChatGPT’s features in their Lenses thanks to Snap and OpenAI’s establishment of the ChatGPT Remote API. This provides an opportunity for creative, casual, and innovative learning experiences for Snapchat users. Fast creation of creative expression Lenses is made possible by the use of 3D face mask technology. Building potentially transferable Lenses quickly is made possible by the amalgamation of Gen AI and excellent face modelling abilities.

For the Lens Fest 2023 conference, Snap unveiled the Lens Studio 5.0 beta, which allows for more complex AR production. There are about 300,000 developers working in the Snap environment. In the past calendar year, Snapchatters have seen more than 3.5 trillion Lenses, which Snap has shipped over 3.5 million of.

Snap wants to offer this AR ecosystem the best tools possible for developing the next wave of AR encounters—not just for Snapchat but for different platforms as well—through products like Camera Kit and Spectacles.

The main goal of the project is to reconstruct Lens Studio, which is the software that powers Lenses creation.

When creating complex augmented reality apps, Lens Studio 5.0 Beta places a great focus on functionality. Developers of augmented reality software may now work more productively since projects run eighteen times faster.

Communication between development teams is given priority in Lens Studio 5.0 Beta. Project management features have been enhanced with the addition of support for software for version control like Git. A project’s development process may be accelerated by having many developers working on it concurrently.

Snap Inc. is dedicated to giving programmers continuous support in expanding their businesses and consumers on the network, in addition to these advances in technology. Developers may now immediately include ways to make money into their Lenses thanks to the introduction of Lenses with Digital Goods this past year. Snapchatters are able to pay to gain access to unique augmented reality features inside Lenses, as Digital Goods have become accessible to all developers. Snapchatters will have easy access to lenses that showcase Digital Goods since they will be heavily advertised in a newly created section of Lens Explorer.

Lens Studio 5.0 Beta’s ease of operation is quite remarkable, said Jeetesh Singh, a member of the Snap Lens Network. Developers may begin multiple tasks simultaneously for improved processes because of the blazingly fast starting time. Plus, asset development is now easier than it has ever been because of the latest Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) abilities. The process of creating AR content is now easier for developers as they can create elements right in Lens Studio instead of relying on many other programmes. Developers are free to express their creativity as much as they would like thanks to Lens Studio’s expanded Gen AI features.

After the initiative’s inception during the summer, Snap Inc. additionally expressed delight with Lens Creator Rewards. Specialised Lenses with exceptional performance might get monthly prizes of up to $7,200. In its initial month of launch, more than forty-five thousand Lenses entered the initiative, resulting in more than 5 billion Lens engagements among Snapchatters.

According to a statement by Inna Sparrow, another contributor of the Snap Lens Network, The new Lens Studio 5.0 Beta signifies an enormous leap ahead for AR development as it places intelligent new tools that reveal endless opportunities at one’s grasp, while simultaneously remaining extremely straightforward to access. The creation procedure is reduced to an unattached, simple workflow using Lens Studio’s innovative Generative AI technology, as opposed to using several different tools.

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