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Smartship Australia uses AR simulator from FORCE Technology

Latest AR Simulator Increases Authenticity for Pilot Training

Force Technology, a ship’s bridge simulator expert with its headquarters in Denmark, has been chosen to provide its cutting-edge SimFlex4 AR solution as a component of an extensive renovation for Smartship Australia, a maritime simulation and instructional establishment located in Queensland. Smartship Australia operates a state-of-the-art facility in Brisbane that houses five marine simulators, including two full mission connections, one tug bridge, and two-part task simulation tools. The company focuses on competent pilotage education and training, sophisticated ship managing, development of ports, risk mitigation, and potential assessment.When Smartship Australia was initially founded in 2011, FORCE Technology’s SimFlex simulator was chosen due to its great precision and realism in offering Marine Pilots a realistic simulation setting. Since that point, the facility has contributed significantly to the state’s financial, social, and ecological well-being and has aided every major port expansion project in Queensland. In addition to providing services to foreign clients in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and Thailand, Smartship Australia also serves other Australian states, enhancing the security and prosperity of these regions.

October 2023 saw the start of the simulation centre update, which will culminate in the first quarter of 2024 with the construction and commissioning of a state-of-the-art augmented reality (AR) simulator. On the Australian continent, it is going to be the first and most sophisticated marine augmented reality simulator. The simulator platform is prepared for the 2024 release of FORCE Technology’s DEN-Mark2 computational model, which will provide improved line forces computations and previously unheard-of model precision. These features will be especially useful when functioning tugboats and carrying out sophisticated mooring research, for instance. The DEN-Mark1 mathematical model has been in use for over thirty-five years and is well known for its correctness; nevertheless, DEN-Mark2 will bring about a significant technological advancement in terms of fidelity and physical abilities.

Jan Michelsen, Director of FORCE technologies’s Simulation, Ports, Training, and Human Factors/Safety Management Division, claimed that the company is aiding Smartship Australia in deploying cutting-edge technologies in the maritime virtual reality modelling business. SimFlex AR technology, with its much increased model accuracy and realistic visual excellence, offers one of the best immersive MR encounters ever developed. Michelsen is sure that this will provide considerable advantages for Smartship Australia’s customers in the years to come. FORCE Technology has always regarded Smartship Australia as an affiliate, and the business’s staff is excited to collaborate with them to bring in a new era in the maritime simulation business.

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