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Sky News Arabia to introduce new immersive programming and first VR studio

Sky News Arabia has recently made a significant announcement that continues its efforts to be a key innovator of international standard journalism in the Middle East.


The broadcasting company is set to feature state of the art broadcasting technology, a new set of programs, and a content development perspective that prioritises digitisation. It also has plans for a fresh live schedule that will be broadcast live for each day of the week.


Sky News Arabia will soon feature new news studios in virtual settings, with the utilisation of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). With this development, the company is set to have the most technologically advanced newsrooms in North Africa and the Middle East. The network is preparing to launch three new shows involving the use of cutting-edge technologies. One of the live shows will be broadcast from the augmented reality set of the network.

The studio set for Sky News Arabia’s new show “Timeline” uses virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. (Supplied)

The use of the latest technology will go hand in hand with innovative editorial features encompassing both digital platforms and television. It will include a live coverage running every day of the week, during the early morning hours. There will also be programs covering topics like business, sports, technology, current events, and lifestyle.

The network is also set to open up a new unit for producing documentaries to give viewers highly informative content that is focused around the Middle East and North Africa.

Hani Abuayyash, Head of News, Sky News Arabia, acknowledged the recent announcement as a significant milestone in the short history of the network. Regarding the developments as the most major improvements, Abuayyash remarked that they would revolutionise broadcast news and advanced storytelling.

Sky News Arabia has firmly established itself as a pioneering UAE-based news channel. It also holds the distinction of being one of the most-watched networks within its MENA coverage area.

Sky News Arabia has set the bar high for its competitors in the Middle East and North Africa region. The new ways of showcasing stories and news content will ensure that MENA audiences enjoy staying tuned to the network, which will have an international outlook. The incorporation of new technology forms will make storytelling more interesting to audiences who are already used to consuming news content online. – Hani Abuayyash

‘News Radar’ for the 6 pm time slot is one of the new programmes, with Fadila Soussi as a presenter. It will deal with analysis and global news discussions with opposing guests. Karolina Nassar will host an improved version of the Timeline, where she will be seen utilising virtual reality to present daily news reviews.

The ‘Newsroom’ programme is now set to run every day of the week at the 10 pm slot, with host Mohannad Al-Khatib initiating discussions on the latest news topics.

New versions of the ‘Morning Show’ and the ‘Evening Show’ will also be introduced by the network. ‘Mala’eb’, a sports programme from Sky News Arabia will see a daily broadcast from an augmented reality studio.

Many other developments are expected from the news network in the near future.


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