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SightCall Raises Capital for New AR Platform

Startup company SightCall has come up with a new augmented reality (AR) platform to meet the needs of field service teams, and help them service their customers better. The new development can make mechanical and technical repairing and maintenance tasks simpler. It recently announced funding of $42 million, some of which will be used towards upgrading its technology arsenal with AI tools and obtaining more clients.

According to Thomas Cottereau, CEO and co-founder of SightCall, the platform is focused on augmented reality technology which is present in the service applications provided to customers. It also utilises integrations with several popular environments like SAP and SalesForce. The AR technology experience offered to users produces information overlays and pointers over video content.

The applications of this new offering by SightCall include field service scenarios where engineers can use it for equipment servicing whilst communicating with their offices. Manufacturers can also rely on technology for enhancing the quality of assistance they provide to customers under many scenarios. Their customers can benefit from faster repairs and even learn how to take care of different repair requirements by themselves. As a result, the need for engineers to handle high workloads is reduced. Diagnosing problems will also become easier with the new augmented reality platform due to the presence of artificial intelligence features. It is being seen as a major improvement for many scenarios. The reliance on drawn diagrams, manuals and work orders is reduced but the same outcomes can be achieved without hassle.

Cottereau stated that the company is aiming to bridge the gap between field service providers and their customers. The new technology developed by SightCall is unique and can be used with most basic smart devices and mobile networks. It can prove to be quite useful in remote locations with poor reception.

The company was initially founded in Paris and is now based out of San Francisco. It is known for having a considerable presence across many sectors such as telecom, telehealth, insurance, manufacturing, life sciences, and transportation.

SightCall already has a large number of enterprise customers including big brands such as Lincoln Motor Company, Kraft-Heinz, GE Healthcare, and Allianz. It offers B2B services and a range of services for field service clients that look after the needs of consumers around the world. The company has witnessed a multiple year-long revenue growth spell in recent times. According to its CEO, the growth will be similar for the current year in terms of revenue.

Europe-based private equity firm InfraVia is the principal funding contributor for SightCall, with another notable participant being Bpifrance. InfraVia is an investor for multiple technology and industrial businesses. SightCall has managed to raise $67 million to date.

In a statement, Alban Wyniecki, partner at InfraVia Capital Partners, acknowledged SightCall as a leader in the AR-based visual assistance market. Talking about the funding, he said that it will enable SightCall to enhance its interactions and capabilities, along with driving up automation to raise productivity.

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