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Selfridges and Snapchat Launch AR Locker Room for Sportopia

Selfridges and Snapchat Launch AR Locker Room for Sportopia
Selfridges and Snapchat introduce AR locker room to commemorate summer sports

In commemoration of the summer of sport, Selfridges and Snapchat have worked together to create a new AR display at the retailer’s Oxford Street landmark in London. The project is a part of the Sportopia motif that runs throughout the store.

During the event, which takes place in July and August, customers may interact with their favourite sports brands, try on virtual versions of their preferred athletic apparel, and try out innovative technologies like augmented reality (AR) mirrors and glasses. A personalised Team Selfridges Sportopia football jersey may even be seen to them.

When customers use the AR mirror, they will get a one-time QR code that allows them to share their favourite looks with friends and family on Snapchat and save them to their smartphones.

Laura Weir, Chief Creative Officer at Selfridges, expressed the company’s excitement about Snapchat’s inclusion in Sportopia at Selfridges London, saying it gives customers novel and imaginative methods to connect with goods and experiences. According to her, the general consensus is that the business is eager for people to visit their Snapchat changing rooms and have fun.

Kate Bird, Senior Marketing Director for Snapchat in EMEA, stated that the company are ecstatic to see the realisation of its AR locker room in a storied retail establishment like Selfridges. There’s a far larger internet audience out there, and novel innovations like AR are always changing the way people engage with sports. The throngs of people that cram into stadiums are no longer the only sports enthusiasts. She continued that the dynamic locker room experience is a prime example of how Snapchat is enabling businesses to communicate with online groups and connect players with their favourite games. It is imperative for sports teams, associations, and companies to engage with the burgeoning fan base wherever they are.

The Snapchat activation is part of a larger Sportopia initiative by Selfridges, which includes windows ‘exploring the artistry and energy of the world’s most loved sports’ and the newly opened Champion Sports Bar, a brand takeover of the famed Harry Gordon’s Bar & Kitchen, which is situated on the lower ground floor of the department store.

In addition, there’s a 40-foot climbing wall, tennis and Olympic-style swimming pools, plus surprising in-store activities like chess boards, table football, and arcade sports games.

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