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Scope AR’s Enterprise AR Awareness Programme for Workers Gets an Upgrade

Scope AR, an enterprise-level augmented reality (AR) solutions provider has recently made an announcement regarding the upgrade launch of its WorkLink platform. It is a programme that provides support in real-time for workers through the facilitation of connections to remote-based experts. Experts are able to provide instructions to assist the workers.

Augmented reality glasses are worn by field technicians while working on WorkLink. The AR glasses are able to stream video taken from the perspective of workers to designated experts. The experts can communicate to the workers via audio and also by gestures drawn over the vision of workers.

AR as an immersive technology form offers various capabilities, through the utilisation of mobile cameras and smart glasses. Superimposed ‘holographic’ objects like lines, 3D objects, arrows, drawings and lines can be projected into the real world through AR. Remote experts can use the technology to offer knowledge and visual instructions to workers.

The latest WorkLink upgrades enable the recording and renovation of knowledge via sessions that can be played back anytime in the future. Mechanical and repetitive works can become less tedious and efficient with recorded AR instructions. Viewing such recordings made by one worker can prove useful to another with similar equipment.

Becton, Dickinson and Co., a company manufacturing medical devices, has become a new enterprise customer of Scope AR. The AR solutions company has also gained a new customer in the Lockheed Martin Corp, thus making its entry into the defence and aerospace industry.

Scott Montgomerie, Scope AR chief executive, spoke regarding the company’s latest platform, saying that the upgraded WorkLink comes with additional methods for worker collaboration and knowledge sharing to facilitate better work output.

Session recording enables business organisations to cultivate knowledge for future training, whilst also enhancing the aspects of quality assurance, compliance and accuracy. – Scott Montgomerie

The new WorkLink platform offers a great number of functionalities and can be customised to suit the needs of specific businesses. It has been designed for deployment across all key platforms, including HTC Vive, HoloLens, and various mobile devices, thus covering a wide range of augmented reality-compatible equipment.

Session Recording, one of the latest features, is capable of recording information shared during a live session conversation between an expert and a technician. The recordings can be played later on to offer insights related to training and process improvements.

Remote AR, which was a standalone offering, is now known as WorkLink Assist, and still delivers the same services it used to. WorkLink Create is another feature that offers tools to create stepwise augmented reality-based instruction videos.

Lockheed Martin has been able to utilise the augmented reality features offered by the service to aid workers in improving worker efficiency. It has produced significant progress in the space aerospace division of the company. The company is now using the AR features in its manufacturing tasks.

This latest augmented reality-based upgrades to the flagship product of Scope AR comes on the heels of its Series A $9.7 million funding.


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