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Scope AR Introduces New Platform for Developing Remote Training AR Content

Scope AR, a company that specializes in remote training tools and XR work instructions for enterprises, has recently announced the launch of their new web browser-based platform for authoring and distributing augmented reality content called WorkLink Create. Currently, the platform is already being used by major companies and industry partners, including Johnson & Johnson, Click Bond, and Lockheed Martin.

WorkLink Create, Scope AR’s new platform is a no-code, browser-based authoring platform designed for remote training modules. It was inspired by the presentation and video editing software already available to users.

3D AR content

Scott Montgomerie, the CEO of Scope AR said that the company originally set out to realize the creation of 3D AR content that would be as easy and fast as recording an iMovie or simply making a Powerpoint presentation. He remarked that using their platform, any user can now author-specific knowledge in WorkLink.

28 minutes

Lockheed Martin Associate Fellow Shelly Peterson stated that previously, developers would have to spend months to create such applications. But now, using Scope AR’s platform, the required time can be brought down to as low as 28 minutes. Using WorkLink, Peterson said, their enterprise can now bring a new or trainee developer, invest a half-day online training to instruct them, and they will be ready to create their own instructions.

Worklink app

While WorkLink Create is the developing or authoring tool, WorkLink is responsible for hosting, distributing, and storing content in the platform. The latter is the part where the organizations publish as well as consume their content. The WorkLink app can be installed on a host of devices, including XR headsets, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Scope AR Introduces New Platform for Developing Remote Training AR Content

Karl Hutter, the CEO of Click Bond remarked on the launch of WorkLink that he finds it amazing to be at such a point that marks the overlapping of use case and available technology, and more importantly, the availability of suitable partners to create such technologies. Indeed, for a development like this, partnership plays an integral role. Previously, Scope AR collaborated with ServiceMax, a remote training platform. For their present venture, however, they teamed up with Salesforce, a leading software development enterprise.

Availability of technology.

Hutter’s insight is not only significant in terms of the importance of partnership but also because of its focus on the availability of technology. Although companies are increasingly leaning on XR technology, the steep cost of dedicated headsets still remains a major barrier for many users. Moreover, for some developers, the technology still poses some limitations and challenges. For example, in an interview with ARPost, Frank Furnari, the CEO of VRtuoso, said that his company was seemingly holding back on venturing into the domain of AR due to hardware limitations. He stated that although the software was available to them, they could not release it just because it was yet to deliver strong and affordable AR products.

In the face of the current technological environment, WorkLink Create is nonetheless an exciting and incredible remote training tool in itself. It is also a part of the growing ecosystem that is fuelled by the heightened demand for AR innovations.

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