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Sagan Planet Walk Gets Cutting-edge Features Powered By Augmented Reality

The Sagan Planet Walk, located at the Sciencenter, features a miniature solar system model, measuring 1 to 5 billion in scale, stretching from more than a kilometre from between Ithaca Commons and the Sciencenter. The museum at Ithaca, New York, recently associated with the Rev Member company VisionLab 360’s Jacob Madden and Becky Lane, the Elmira Savings Bank, and the Spacecraft Planetary Imaging Facility (SPIF) belonging to Cornell.

The partnerships had the common objective of incorporating considerable upgrades to the Sagan Planet Walk. Some of the noteworthy enhancement implementations include equipping each station with intriguing augmented reality (AR) features, along with significant station design modifications. A new website was also launched as part of the association.

The latest augmented reality powered features at the Sagan Planet Walk facilitate quite exciting and remarkably life-like communication ability for each of the stations. To achieve the AR experience, a specific mobile platform application which is available on both the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store has to be used by visitors who are interested in getting completely new experiences of each of the stations. The way this mechanism works is quite simple, as users just need to point their AR-featured smartphones towards the kiosk. They will be able to observe the three-dimensional planets rotating right in front of them.

The AR technology also allows users to go around different planets and observe their moons. To add to the experience, the participants can also listen to Bill Nye the Science Guy provide information regarding particular planets. The popular science personality’s voice will also reveal interesting details about each planet, and provide directions for the participants to move towards the next planet in sequence.

Becky Lane, CEO, VisionLab360, expressed her viewpoints regarding the AR-based enhancements, explaining how the Sagan Planet Walk was suitably placed to receive the innovation. According to her, the fact that the Planet Walk’s infrastructure contains signage, kiosks and Bill Nye voice narrations, made it perfect for the tailormade AR experience. She expressed excitement for being able to work on this project with the Sciencenter, on a mission to introduce intriguing AR elements to the favoured tourist destination.


In light of this development, VisionLab360’s incubator Rev: Ithaca Start Up Works expressed delight for the fact that one of its member organisations had successfully made considerable augmented reality contributions to the Sagan Planet Walk.

Ken Rother, Director of Rev: Ithaca Startup Works, gave further insight into the importance of this latest development. He revealed that the contributions of VisionLab360 and particular innovative minds like Becky Lane were responsible for helping Ithaca earn the recognition of being the USA’s 13th best urban centre. He stressed that the amalgamation of the latest augmented reality technology with the sheer creativity of the VisionLab360 is creating waves, by giving the general public opportunities to gain valuable information related to the solar system through innovative methods.

The website contains a map of the path followed by visitors, along with details regarding possible free admissions to Sciencenter.


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