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Rokid Offers Guided AR Experiences to the Liangzhu Museum Visitors

Rokid, famous for offering mixed and augmented reality services, has announced some time ago that it has collaborated with Hangzhou’s Liangzhu Museum and Archaeological Site. The idea is to use the firm’s Rokid Glass 2 wearable AR device and provide the visitors an AR guided experience.

The AR device operates the same way that an audio guide would function at a cultural spot or museum. It features voice and visual recognition to offer users with visual guides of what they are seeing at Liangzhu.

Last year, in July, the Liangzhu city got enlisted as a World Cultural Heritage. The sacred site showcases “five thousand years of Chinese civilization” and covers a massive area of 34 square kilometers. An excess of 1000 valuable cultural relics was excavated from the place, and now they are kept in the museum, openly displayed before the public.

Visitors at the Liangzhu Museum with the Rokid Glass 2. Image: liangzhumuseum

People visiting the archaeological site and the museum can dorn a pair of Rokid Glass 2 smart glasses and can experience the ancient city that is brought back to life with the help of AR technology. While wearing the glasses, the user can access information overlaid on top of the relics and cultural objects when they look at them. Information like totems and symbols on the relics appears in the user’s field of view along with dedicated audio and video commentary.

The smart glasses also offer an experience that involves a jade bi with a bird hieroglyphic on it. When a user views this ancient Chinese jade artifact, a virtual bird starts circling them. The Liangzhu Archaeological Site presents another AR feature involving a digital tour guide that leads visitors to different AR experience points across the site. There is an AR map navigation function that provides directions, a visitor’s present location in real-time, and also valuable visiting points. With the help of Rokid Glass 2, the ancient buildings are stimulated and restored in real scale, thus allowing visitors to do time travel and witness how the site has evolved throughout history.

Brand new experience with the Rokid Glass 2 in the Liangzhu Museum. Image: liangzhumuseum

The staff at Liangzhu said that this is the first time AR technology is utilized to guide, inform, as well as restore historical artifacts for visitors. They wish to find innovative ways of engaging people with their collection outside of a conventional museum setting. The AR device helps visitors explore new ways of understanding the artifacts, and to view the stories from a different perspective. It is an innovative way of displaying the museum’s collection.

The Rokid Glass 2 is foldable and appears like a usual pair of sunglasses. However, it can also present visual elements before the user’s eyes, like videos, pictures, 3D objects, and texts. The gadget provides a hands-free voice control interface along with object recognition abilities. Additionally, it also features remote assistance aspects like screen sharing, multi-screen display options, and real-time annotation. Rokid has said that its glasses have been sold to about 40 nations. It includes customers in England, Canada, Singapore, and also the US.

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