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Reebok Introduces New AR Tool to Build Custom Regulation-Sized Basketball Court

In the field of sporting goods and accessories, Reebok is one of the most popular names in the whole world. But that is not all about the brand. It is also a leading brand in promoting sports and fitness activities across different sectors. As a dedicated sports brand, Reebok has also dabbled in technology to present innovative products and ideas over the years. Keeping up with the contemporary trends, the company has also achieved notable success in utilizing virtual reality and augmented technology in recent times.

In their latest venture in VR technology, Reebok has launched “Courting Greatness”, an innovative AR tool that allows users to build personalized basketball courts with a simple tap on the screen. A part of their FW21 basketball campaign, this innovative AR tool lets basketball enthusiasts interact with their peers in a virtual regulation-sized basketball court. The aim of the campaign, as per the company’s press release, is to celebrate players across all age groups on a local level.

Huge Hit

The AR tool is expected to be a huge hit among youngsters for its perceivable ease of use. You can access the platform with a single tap on your smartphone screen. It does not require any app or additional download. To experience the AR feature, all you need to do is mark a space using some kind of everyday marker to roughly map out a potential basketball court. You can even use masking tape or chalk to draw the boundary. The AR tool will do the rest to yield a virtual basketball court within the same area using its unique features. These augmented reality playspaces are said to feature everything you could expect on a regulation-sized court, including the keys, 10-foot hoops, as well as three-point and free-throw lines.

Joining Hands

To further emphasize the significance of this AR tool, Reebok will be joining hands with artists and creators from different localities across the world to create playable art installations. To make this endeavor even more eco-friendly and sustainable, the athletic company has reported that the basketball art installations will be entirely made out of locally found materials. The very first piece of basketball art has been developed by New York Sunshine, an NYC-based creative team, and is available for viewing at 36th Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn. Make sure you have the Courting Greatness website running on your smartphone and you can view the beautiful VR installation once you reach there. With the same AR tool, you can also unlock a host of cool basketball court features at the spot. In the coming days of fall and winter, Reebok is all set to unveil several more VR basketball art installations in and around Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Philadelphia during their FW21 season.


Inga Stenta, Head of Marketing for Reebok stated in a Facebook post that basketball is a pre-eminent sport among kids and teens living in the city. But finding a suitable space for a regulation-size court could be difficult at times. Hence, to facilitate access and encourage more youngsters, Courting Greatness could be instrumental in the days ahead.


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