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Rebel to produce an AR basketball experience

Basketball fans may engage on a virtual court during the 2023 NBL season using social AR filters developed on the Meta platform, Spark AR. This has been made possible due to a collaboration between OMD, Rebel and Unbound. rebel uses augmented reality to create an immersive basketball experience via OMD and Unbound.

The concept came about as a result of rebels pushing OMD Create, OMD’s speciality partnerships, content and social wing, to find a creative method to raise awareness of their athletic footwear line whilst supporting their mission to becoming the focal point of basketball.

Users may project their faces onto basketball players’ frames using the filter, which creates an immersive basketball court setting. Users are prompted to match their facial expressions to timed on-screen instructions. Based on their footwear selection, which affects the game’s complexity and pace, each player is given a distinctive gamified journey. Users have the option of playing in the newest iterations of Rebel’s trademark basketball shoe lines, such as the Nike Kyrie Infinity and Air Jordan XXXVI.

Basketball enthusiasts may learn more about the filter by visiting sites like ScreenSports and Sporting News, which OMD has collaborated extensively with in order to reach out to them through genuine and natural means. Additionally enhancing the experience is media engagement on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

Rosemary Martin, rebel’s general manager of e-commerce and marketing, said that the new concept introduced by OMD enables its team to engage with its clients who are regular users of Instagram and TikTok. The competitive nature of the sports and the filter will nudge players to remain playing and refer their acquaintances to it. According to her, the new endeavour furthers its goal of making Rebel, Australia, “the home of basketball.” She elaborated that the company’s newest promotional effort focuses on showcasing the most recent signature collections worn by NBA superstar athletes. Martin said that the company acknowledges that Hooper consumers are enamoured with everything NBA and strive to dress like their idols.

According to OMG Content’s managing director Thomas Hutley, this AR filter is a fantastic example of OMD Create’s goal to always push the envelope of innovation and creative thinking by challenging accepted wisdom and thinking creatively. With gamification at its heart, AR in social media has experienced amazing development, giving marketers the chance to engage and interact with their customers in a subconscious way. Hutley has expressed his enthusiasm regarding the existing scope in the domain for appealing to the senses of basketball fans around the globe.

Gamified filters are an extremely popular way to generate organic traffic on social platforms, asserts Josh Parisi, creative lead at Unbound. He said that the newly developed rebel All-Stars game made by the company has reinvented the capabilities of AR filters. This is down to the different features of the offering such as shoe configurations for avatars, a full-fledged 3D court, multiple levels, and dynamic scoring. The icing on the cake is the minuscule 4Mb size of the filters.

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