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Real-Time Subtitles and Peak Accessibility with XRAI AR One

Real-Time Subtitles and Peak Accessibility with XRAI AR One
XRAI introduces their AR One smart glasses with real-time subtitle features

With the introduction of the XRAI AR One, augmented reality (AR) software provider XRAI Glass has announced the release of its own AR glasses. The company’s newest cutting-edge smart glasses are intended to better meet the needs of the world’s deaf and hard-of-hearing population by increasing accessibility and revolutionising how people communicate.

With an ultra-lightweight and wireless design, XRAI says that the AR One smart glasses prioritise user convenience without compromising functionality. The glasses, which are driven by the most current advancements in artificial intelligence, allow users to view captions in real time, in more than 140 languages, right before their eyes.

Clear transparent glasses are utilised to provide a completely realistic and engrossing experience, letting users interact with their environment and participate in discussions with subtitles.

Tens of thousands of people worldwide have experienced the potential of XRAI Glass, according to Dan Scarfe, XRAI’s CEO and developer. Users often express a need for wire-free, clear lenses, an all-in-one with a go button, and a lightweight gadget. With the AR One, the business met all four of these tough design goals.

The company says that the new glasses include a variety of features, including an inbuilt beamforming microphone array for noise reduction, which enables for precise sound gathering even in congested environments with up to 95% accuracy within a two-meter range. It also offers a beautiful, all-in-one wireless design that allows users to switch on captions with a single button click.


The glasses include two waveguide lenses that provide a totally light-leaked virtual screen, as well as removable tints for better lighting circumstances. The technology provides transcription help both offline and online, as well as corporate cloud support to ensure data sovereignty and security.

XRAI showcased its AR One smart glasses to the public last week at AWE USA in Long Beach, California. The AR One smart glasses may be acquired right now from the company’s website, with free shipping included.

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