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Ralph Lauren About to Launch Augmented Reality Features with Snap Inc.’s Technology

Ralph Lauren Corp., one of the most reputed American fashion companies, is about to make a big move in the world of augmented reality where buyers can get a scannable experience with Snap Inc.’s technology. By using this feature, buyers can scan the company logo with the help of Snapchat’s camera and click cool selfies depicting the Ralph Lauren logo and virtual gift boxes for sending to family and friends. Whenever individuals will spot the Ralph Lauren logo, be it on a t-shirt, shopping bag, or on the website, they can scan it. David Lauren, chief innovation and branding officer said that their goal lies in finding unique technology that will prove that their approach towards life is truly matchless.

Purpose Behind the Initiative 

The company has revealed, users can enjoy the experience from Thursday, just a week before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and it is likely to be beneficial for the retailers. The pandemic has affected retailers across the globe and the decision is likely to act as an attempt to make up losses as much as possible. Ecommerce platforms are very popular for offering lucrative discounts during festivals and the company didn’t want to lose such an opportunity.

A couple of market research from the previous years also indicated a potential upsurge in online sales over the years, which acted as a hope for the brand. Nicole Greene, a senior director analyst of Gartner Inc., admitted that retailers have been heavily affected by the pandemic which made them try various digital platforms to grab the attention of the buyers.

The new augmented reality experience will surely trigger curiosity among some consumers and some people, who are familiar with the brand, will surely try it. In September, Ralph Lauren had decided to cut off 15% of staff for restructuring, and the new move will surely help the company to cope up with the ongoing crisis.

Snap and Ralph Lauren already collaborated with Bitmoji

The ‘Merchantainment” Approach

Both Snap and Ralph Lauren had collaborated earlier and this is their second partnership. Both have worked for creating shoppable merchandise for avatars and Bitmoji and the initiative was fully successful. Apart from the augmented reality logo experience, the brand has also planned to come up with a virtual store and online game that depicts their actual shops in Paris, New York, and other locations. When asked about the steps, Mr. Lauren called it “merchantainment” and their aim lies in becoming a digital-first company in the scenario.


Paul Munford, founder, and investor of Lean Luxe Inc. said that brands are conducting various experiments to remain significant to the customers, the result is yet to be discovered whether such tactics helped them to get more revenue or not. There is no doubt that the new thing will attract individuals to pull out their cellphones and scan the logo, and this will be a new thing for the consumers. The more brands will pay attention to exclusive digital practices, it can be figured out whether it is beneficial for the brand or not. Everyone is now waiting to see how the logo scanning feature makes a striking difference so that others can follow in the footsteps as well.

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