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PROCESS EXPO 2019 To Witness the Debut of Augmented Reality

Immersive forms of technology are taking centre-stage at many trade shows across the world today, and it is a growing phenomenon. To support such technological developments, many show organisers are putting out dedicated floor space for innovations relevant to the represented industries.

PROCESS EXPO is set to lift the lid off its Augmented Reality Showcase soon, and it is a featured activity at the event’s new floor. The unveiling will take place at the famed McCormick Place in Chicago, from October 8-11.

Harvin AR is the organiser of the AR Showcase feature. It will offer its attendees brand new avenues of exploring the packaging and processing of equipment through augmented reality-based holograms, and AR-based simulated training features by exhibitors.

The PROCESS EXPO this year will feature The AR Showcase as one of its prime highlights, and it is quite an anticipated development.

Jarrod McCarroll, president of Weber, and the chairman of the Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA), gave his inputs regarding the feature. He explained that the technology can be empowering for personnel performing maintenance jobs on the factory floors, and also for the engineers who visualise actual plant floors. The technology form has considerable potential to help in determining how suppliers operate with food processing equipment. The Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA) is the global body responsible for the production of the show.

The technology can be empowering for personnel performing maintenance jobs on the factory floors, and also for the engineers who visualise actual plant floors. – Jarrod McCarrol

McCarroll expressed that the exhibitions at the PROCESS EXPO can have a positive impact in terms of advanced technology adoption.

The individuals who attend the expo will get first-hand experiences with the augmented reality technology. It is also a precursor of what they can witness being used on plant floors in the future. – Jarrod McCarrol

The inaugural edition of the AR Showcase has prompted the organisation to expect a relatively small group of exhibition participants, ranging approximately between five and six. The exhibition will focus on how holograms based on AR can be utilised in conjunction with current equipment to exhibit additions and changes. The AR Showcase will also demonstrate training assets which can be used to minimise costs for suppliers as well as customers, based on Andrew Drennan, senior vice president, FPSA.

Drennan also shared his inputs regarding the AR Showcase event. He explained that the PROCESS EXPO 2017 event had featured the  Virtual Reality Showroom, which featured eight different participating exhibitors. It was visited by approximately a thousand attendees who got their taste of the virtual reality experience. According to him, the PROCESS EXPO event this year will stress on highlighting augmented reality, as it is being considered as the next big thing in the arena of immersive technology innovation.

Event organisers have jam-packed schedules during the current week, with many showcases, live demonstrations and production activities, educational certificate courses, networking avenues and the PROCESS EXPO University. The platform will be used to effectively address issues faced by the processing industry sector. New opportunities for manufacturing solutions have also been created, according to David Seckman, CEO and president, FPSA.

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