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Porsche and Receive Two 2020 Red Dot Awards for Virtual WebAR Training Tool That’s Powered by 8th Wall

‘The Digital Porsche Brand Academy,’ an immersive brand training experience developed for Porsche by consulting agency using 8th Wall technology, has received two prestigious Red Dot Awards in the renowned categories: ‘Interface & UX’ and ‘Brand Design & Identity.’ The Red Dot Award is one of the world’s largest and most coveted design accolades. With the combination of web-based Augmented Reality (AR), interactive 3D content and media videos, the training tool convinced the jury of international experts with its high level of creativity and innovation.

The Porsche Brand Academy is a first-to-market training tool that allows Porsche employees around the world to experience the brand’s unique history, future and values firsthand using AR. By this means, new employees receive the chance to directly build a bond with the brand, while already established workers discover the company’s future plans. The web-based AR solution was built using WebAR technology by 8th Wall and works directly in the browser, without the need to download an app. Users can simply scan the QR Code or tap a link to immediately immerse into the AR experience.

“With just the tap of a link, the Porsche WebAR activation gives users the ability to actively experience Porsche’s brand story, rather than passively learning about it,” said Erik Murphy-Chutorian, Founder and CEO of 8th Wall. “Through this process of immersion, the brand is achieving a deeper and more meaningful connection to customers, allowing them to explore and learn about the company in a way that’s natural, engaging and memorable.”

Once initiated, the AR-scene can be placed into the user’s real environment via the camera view of the smartphone. An animated 3D-avatar in the form of a Porsche worker introduces the experience and navigates through three different chapters of the brand’s story, including the past, present and future. The virtual time travel reveals realistically animated Porsche-locations as well as futuristic and fictional routes. A number of interactive features encourage the user to become part of this digital journey and experience the brand by taking a seat in a virtual Porsche, supporting the construction of a car or taking a quiz at the end of the AR experience.

Using 8th Wall’s WebAR developer platform made it possible for to develop a high-quality and detailed WebAR solution for Porsche.

The idea and innovative execution of the web-based AR experience convinced the Red Dot Award jury in the categories ‘Interface & UX’ and ‘Brand Design & Identity.’ The Red Dot Award provides a platform to designers, agencies and companies from all over the globe for the evaluation of design. In 2020, nearly 7000 creative projects and brands from 50 countries were entered in the competition. In line with the motto “In search of good design and creativity,” the international jurors assessed this year’s entries online and examined each piece of work individually and extensively.

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