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Poplar Studio Joins Forces with Raydiant for Retail AR Visualisation Solution

Augmented reality (AR) and 3D e-commerce solutions company Poplar Studio has recently announced a partnership with in-location services platform Raydiant. As part of this agreement, Poplar Studio is set to provide augmented reality and 3D experiences for the in-store Raydiant screens. This will let Raydiant deliver better shopping experiences for its in-store customers. Standout offerings that will stem from the partnership include interactive mini-games, reward quests, and a virtual try-on technology feature.

Poplar Studio has mentioned that the new partnership is an important development for them due to the issues caused by the pandemic. The company said that the technology on offer will let retailers provide more secure immersive experiences for their in-store customers. Currently, many companies are struggling to get customers in through their doors. Most shoppers have been hesitant to make store visits due to health concerns, but Poplar is optimistic about retail sales growing more in the next few months.

David Rupert, Poplar Studio CEO, and co-founder commented about the partnership, saying that the pandemic has been responsible for a great number of retail store closures around the world. It has also given rise to the popularity of e-commerce providers around the world. He elaborated that shoppers now will be inclined towards relying on technology for both their digital and in-store shopping experiences. Immersive technology will become integral to the shopping experiences of retail customers at all stages from discovering products to making the actual purchase.

Rupert said that retailers are required to enhance their physical product offerings and enhancing experiences through 3D visualisation and AR-based try-on. According to him, the available technology facilitates safer and more exciting experiences for users. He said that the partnership with Raydiant lets Poplar Studio step into a role of innovation for creating future shopping experiences.

The new partnership is being seen as a key step in the domain of retail technology advancement. Using the combination of 3D and augmented reality technology offers the best solution for creating effective product visualisations. Potential customers can easily visualise products by accessing in-store screens and can also QR codes to initiate new experiences. They can use their smartphones for accessing product 3D models.

Poplar has stated that the combination of 3D and AR can be effective for raising customer interest, which contributes to more sales and ROIs. Relying on virtual try-on augmented experiences let retailers take care of limited stock issues, as customers interact with products virtually whilst in a store.

Customers will also have access to augmented reality experiences such as treasure hunts to discover new offerings and take advantage of mini-games for keeping young ones entertained.

Bobby Marmahat, CEO, Raydiant, remarked that the company’s main goal is to help businesses adopt a solution that creates in-location experiences that entice customers. He explained that customers are looking for immersive digital experiences and expressed excitement about the partnership with Poplar Studios.

Additional information about Poplar Studios and its offerings is available on its website.

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