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Pioneering Augmented Reality Show is Streamed to a Worldwide Audience

One of the primary reasons behind the format of runway fashion show losing its favour in recent years is Geography. The conventional runway offers limited openings to reach worldwide audiences unless technology is used to share it outside its physical location. Social media provides its users with access to events through the accounts of fashion members. What if you could watch a runway show in your own location from your own perspective? What if the show could be brought to you? In a world where technology is providing fresh experiences and elevating the regular lifestyle in a physical world, including a coat of virtuality is bringing a new turn in the fashion week.

The Fashion Innovation Agency (FIA) of London College of Fashion is leading this charge by teaming up with the pioneers of augmented reality (AR) HoloMe to showcase chosen collections of London College of Fashion MA graduates. Viewers all around the world were able to view the show in multiple locations in real-time using their smartphones a day prior to the London Fashion Week launch.

Augmented Reality experiences generally depend on the superimposing of pre-recorded content onto the settings of the real world. The unique factor of this alliance was that users all over the world were able to see the live AR runway experience superimposed onto their then-surroundings whilst the event was actually happening. This became possible by filming the models walking before a green screen backdrop leading up to their walking the runway. With the show happening at the Queen Elizabeth II building in London, a group of specially chosen global viewers using the HoloMe mobile application were able to stream the footage in real-time.

The result of the venture, which happened inside closed doors as a concept, could quickly allow brands and designers to showcase their collection to a much larger audience rather than only the ones attending their events or watching a live video stream. It has the capability to allow fashion brands to broadcast catwalk models into the audiences’ immediate surroundings so that the collections can be seen as if they were right before them. Whilst stalwart editors have expressed their displeasure on the idea of granting open access to fashion shows, this implementation could work for them as well. They could watch the events despite being somewhere else and save the time wasted in traffic jams and expanding international flights.

Viewing the LCF MA show using HoloMe outside Westminster Abbey London

Technology conglomerates like Magic Leap and Microsoft are investing a huge amount of money in hardware, which includes the Magic Leap One and HoloLens headsets, to provide immersive AR experiences similar to the one in this concept. Whilst these headsets are a little expensive, the global adoption of smartphones takes down this barrier down to internet connectivity. With the news of the forthcoming 5G network that will be capable of providing better support to the streaming capacity of HoloMe, augmented reality will soon be able to provide users with the best kind of experience.

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