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OrangeDX Introduces the CATCH Token with AR

SpaceCatch launches the CATCH token for their revolutionary AR game

OrangeDX, the preeminent decentralised finance (DeFi) platform, has reached a substantial fundraising total of $2.5 million, which has exceeded all anticipations and firmly established the company as a pioneer in the DeFi industry.

The eagerly awaited fundraising effort received an unprecedented influx of investors, leading to an event that was oversubscribed. The aforementioned triumph serves to emphasise the increasing assurance and reliance on OrangeDX’s pioneering methodology and foresight regarding the trajectory of decentralised finance.

OrangeDX, which is approaching its introduction on March 26th at 14:00 UTC, is positioned to revolutionise the DeFi industry. As the platform pledges to incorporate cutting-edge functionalities and prioritise the needs of users, it establishes a precedent for an unprecedented epoch in decentralised finance.

A series of successful Initial Dex Offerings (IDOs) hosted on premier launchpads including Finceptor, TrustPad,, Poolz, and the proprietary O4DX Launch Hub sold out within minutes, contributing to OrangeDX’s meteoric ascent. Demand at each event was unparalleled, solidifying OrangeDX’s position as the preferred option for investors in search of auspicious DeFi prospects.

Oddiyana Ventures is ecstatic to provide its support to OrangeDX, an innovator in the BRC20 ecosystem. It is distinguished in the congested DeFi market by its distinctive combination of adaptability, innovation, and user-centric design, according to Dorji Rabten, Founder and Managing Partner at Oddiyana Ventures.

The organisation is ecstatic to encourage the implementation of DeFi on Bitcoin. Partner at GBV Capital Christian remarked that OrangeDX will likely assist in unlocking the $500 billion in untapped value on Bitcoin by enabling a Bitcoin Protocol to trade, bridge, launch, earn, borrow, and lend, thereby providing a new route to BRC20 ecosystems.

As a result of Bitcoin surpassing its ATH, interest in BRC20 has increased. OrangeDX, the preeminent Bitcoin DeFi Hub (for bridging, trading, lending, and borrowing, among other activities), is positioned to emerge as a dominant force in the immediate future, according to X21 Digital’s Lester Lim.

As OrangeDX prepares for its highly anticipated listing on and MEXC on March 26 at 14:00 UTC, anticipation grows. By strategically expanding its reach to a wider audience of investors and enthusiasts, OrangeDX not only improves its liquidity but also stimulates additional growth and adoption of the platform.

After these critical listings, $O4DX will expeditiously establish itself on decentralised exchanges (DEXs). The $O4DX listing is scheduled for March 26 at 14:15 UTC on Unisat, PancakeSwap, and the O4DX Premium Exchange; presale investors may claim their tokens beginning at 14:20 UTC. OrangeDX’s swift foray into the DEX market serves as a testament to the company’s dedication to delivering decentralised and universally accessible financial solutions.

OrangeDX reinforces its pursuit of excellence through strategic partnerships with prestigious venture capital firms, influential Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), and industry-leading launchpads. Oddiyana Ventures, GBV Capital, Fundland Capital, X21, NXGEN, Banter, Triple Gem Capital, Alphabit, Spicy Capital, Fairum Capital, and ten or more others are notable venture capital firms.

OrangeDX Launch Hub, in conjunction with alliances with leading launchpads including Finceptor,, TrustPad, and Poolz, is positioned to establish novel benchmarks for achievement and ingenuity within the DeFi sector.

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