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Official AR Social Network Beta Launched by Spotselfie

Augmented reality (AR) social media application Spotselfie, has recently announced the launch of its beta version on Google Play and App Store. With this application, users can view augmented reality virtual elements using a phone or tablet device. They can explore options for stickers, videos, images and other content which are geographically tagged based on locations across the world. The app’s features makes it possible to create a realtime live world view of any geographic region.

How Spotselfie creates interactions between users

The user-centric augmented reality social engagement platform from Spotselfie lets users enjoy social content interactions within the application. They can visit the featured locations physically and get in touch with others who they have already been introduced to within the application. Users can easily discover more local hotspots such as restaurants, cafes and parks to socialise at from the app.

According to the company, the Spotselfie application has features that can add to the benefit of uses and economies as well. Businesses are able to showcase virtual objects at any location they service with AR. They can also take advantage of augmented reality advertisements at different GPS locations based on their existing or location-specific audiences.

Launching the application at any location will enable users to view the tagged virtual objects of other people, which are referred to as Spotselfies. They will find them floating around in space and can interact with them. A user can choose to engage with virtual objects by leaving a comment or a rating. They also get the option of following the poster of a virtual object, and this is a feature that can lead to an increase in social interactions on the platform and in real life.

Why Shingler is determined to create this app

Ray Shingler, Co-Founder and Director of Product Development, Spotselfie, spoke about the product launch. He said that the company is excited for the beta application launch as it will enhance social interactions along with real-world interactions. According to him, the app will aim to match the need for human connections with readily accessible social media services. He elaborated, saying that the combination of smartphone camera features and GPS-enhanced augmented reality content is lacking in current social interactions. Speaking about the company’s technology he said that there is hope that it will create better connections among people and their preferred brands.

Spotselfie also offers an alternative way of data sharing through its application compared to many of its competitors. It has a focus on privacy and providing optimal security for the data of users which is kept safe from third parties. Moreover, the augmented reality patents of Spotselfie have been made to protect the privacy of users, as they have the option of selecting who gets to view their content. Users dictate if their augmented reality profiles can be checked by others or searched for.

Shingler expressed pride about announcing the technology, saying that it has been created to provide the highest level of security for users wanting to make real-world connections. The company has also disabled tracking for users and given them the opportunity to create their own social circles.

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