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NTUC Fairprice Fuses Augmented Reality with Voice Activation This Chinese New Year

This Chinese New Year is going to be a fun-filled year for all Instagram users. Users will now have a voice-activation experience where they will have to scream at a lion dance filter on the app. The NTUC Fairprice will impregnate the augmented reality solution in the lion dance filter game, allowing users to shout at the lion and make it jump to the highest point possible. The filter is all about an animated lion character with the player’s face superimposed on the lion’s face. As the player finds its face on the lion, the player needs to shout, and the louder the player shouts, the higher the lion jumps. The game aims to make the lion jump past the pillars without affording the lion to fall into the spaces between the pillars.

Chinese New Year’s primary goal is to connect locals with the fun coupled with loads of cheer. In an interview with Marketing Interactive, the spokesperson of NTUC Fairprice explained how enthusiastically the entire organization worked to make the lion filter a flamboyant game.


2020 has been a lackluster year for maximum people out there. And the launch of the augmented reality impregnated lion filter dance game was just a mere attempt to deliver joy to Instagram users. The owner of the NTUC Fairprice was pretty sure of the fact that a usual filter would not deliver as much engagement as a voice recognition one. Moreover, it will be easier for users to play with a voice-activation filter, and it could be an opportunity for all generation players to play the game. Launching this game was the best thing, as it could form a bonding over the festive season. Together with the Fairprice Instagram account, Lee Teng, Jamie Yeo, and Shawn Thia, the three famous influencers of the project, will promote the launch of the AR voice-activated filter game.


Recipe creation classes

Besides the connective filter game, Fairprice will also execute recipe creation classes with regional chefs, CNY lucky draw game, and roll out fortune cats gifts with payment affiliated by the Singapore Press Holdings. To arouse a sense of joy, the project also focused on adding a title to the newest filter game, which says- Celebrate a New new year’. The newly rolled out campaigns will run from January until the next month, focusing on influencing shoppers to celebrate the new array of assortments with good food, new ideas, and innovative ways of celebration.

Creating a unique experience

Considering the pandemic restrictions because of C0VID-19, the Fairprice owner had to impact the festive campaign digitally to help the locals make the best of an awful situation. As families are restricted from singing karaoke at huge family gatherings through the night, Fairprice aimed at creating a uniquely fun moment for the regionals. As described by the marketing and customer head of Fairprice group, Mr. Kelvin Tan, the latest marketing pivot, such as the lion dance filter intended to deliver prosperity and value to Chinese shoppers.

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