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Nreal Introduces Brand-New AR Sunglasses and They Are Unbelievably Cool

Nreal’s new AR sunglasses are a perfect combination of style and technology. It can simulate a massive 201-inch viewing screen with an incredible refresh rate of 90 Hz.

New AR sunglasses
Fell in love with Nreal Light AR Glasses? Then Check out the new AR sunglasses from the same company, Nreal. After the roaring success of the Series C funding round, the company is soon to launch a new line of consumer AR glasses titled Nreal Air. According to the developers, there is no other AR glasses that can match up with Nreal Air available today, majorly for the fact that it perfectly combines tech and style.

Comfort and convenience
The latest AR wearable from Nreal is designed to emphasise comfort and convenience. It weighs only 77g so you can wear the cool sunglasses comfortably all day long, whether checking your work data or streaming your favourite TV shows after a hectic day of work. Needless to say, you can spend hours wearing these AR sunglasses while you play exciting games with your friends. So, no more pausing the game just to adjust your hardware anymore.

Connect with others
One of the best things about Nreal Air is that you don’t have to spend your leisure time alone anymore. Beyond solo activities, this incredible AR wearable allows you to access a shared digital space and connect with other users based in remote locations. You can invite anyone to join you from any part of the world. Not just gaming, you can connect with your coworkers, collaborate with experts, as well as watch content in virtual theatres with your loved ones in real-time.

Excellent visuals
The amazing AR sunglasses from Nreal is capable of projecting an astounding 130-inch high-resolution virtual display. But to experience this, you need to adjust the virtual screen at a 3-meter simulated viewing distance. The high-end AR glasses promise excellent visuals, thanks to the best-in-class micro-OLED chips included in the hardware. What’s more, if you view the virtual screen of the Nreal Air from a visual distance of 6 meters, you can get to enjoy a whopping 201-inch screen with a stunning refresh rate of 90 Hz.

As per the company’s description, Nreal Air will require a smartphone to run. But the developers have taken additional care in its design so that it does not drain your phone’s battery. The much-anticipated AR wearable is only available on iOS devices now. However, the developers assure that Android users will soon be able to get their hands on the cool sunglasses.

Amazing features
Nreal never fails to amaze with its innovation. Like any of its previous technologies, Nreal Air also comes with some extraordinary features that make it one-of-a-kind. This is the first AR device in the world that is compatible with iOS devices. Besides, the unique design of Nreal Air makes it more adaptive to diverse facial features, thanks to the built-in Adjustable 3-Step Raking System. Not to forget, the sunglasses look wickedly stylish.

Nreal Air is set to launch in December 2021 in China, Japan, and South Korea. The rest of the world will have to wait till 2022 to try on the cool AR eyewear.

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