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Nreal announced its new Nreal Light AR glasses will hit the market on November 30.

Nreal is one of the biggest names in the field of augmented reality. However, the company limited the selling of their ready-to-wear AR glasses in Asia so far. In a recent announcement, the company reported that they will be expanding their business globally. From November 30, the new series of Nreal Light AR glasses will be sold in US Verizon stores.

This is going to be a significant milestone for Nreal. To date, they have been selling their products in markets like South Korea and a few other Asian countries. But now they will mark their presence in the global market, starting with the United States. For now, Nreal Light AR glasses will be available in select 20 stores in the country. Buyers can visit the retail locations and try out these new AR glasses and get a preview of the immersive AR experience before purchasing them.

Nreal reported that the expansion to the US and the store sales is a response to the increasing demand for an advanced immersive platform that extends the purview of mobile phone usage beyond the usual smartphones.

Responding to Nreal’s new venture, tech giants such as Niantic and Facebook (Meta) said that consumer AR glasses would become a big market in near future, and Nreal has the potential to grab that opportunity. Corresponding to the new venture, several AR-native app developers have already built immersive experiences for Nreal Light. This includes Ghost Hunter, FigminXR, Magician Mastery, Dunkaar, and Table Trenches. These experiences can be downloaded directly from Google Play Store and played on Nreal Light. Powered by Verizon’s 5G network, users will be able to enjoy a wide array of gaming, entertainment, and productivity apps. These tailor-made experiences have the potential to demonstrate the unlimited possibilities that AR technology has to offer.

With these brand-new Nreal Light AR glasses, users can play a variety of AR games, stream their favourite content, and access lots of productivity apps from anywhere at any time through Nreal’s native web browser on a stunning virtual 220-inch full-HD screen.

To deliver seamless streaming, Nreal will introduce an update to their existing NRSDK. With this advanced SDK integrated, content providers can now migrate DRM-enabled streaming content to Nreal Light from other mobile platforms more easily, without even triggering DRM restrictions.

Along with the launch of Nreal Light AR glasses, the company has also set out to reimagine the way streaming content is made available to the audience. To this end, Nreal has made a partnership with Accedo, and together, they will launch FutureTV, which is an interactive design reference built on ExoPlayer, Google’s open source media player.

Nreal Light will be available in select Verizon stores and Verizon’s website for $600 and will be supported on both iOS and Android devices. To access its full range of Six Degrees of Freedom (DoF) AR capabilities, users can bundle the AR glass with OnePlus 8 5G UW or Samsung 5G Galaxy phones.

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