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Niantic rewards smartphone users using AR

Niantic, a firm that develops augmented reality (AR) software, is introducing its incentivised AR advertising format, which seeks to let consumers with mobile devices receive integrated prizes by engaging with AR commercials.

Brands and customers are displaying an increasing hunger for immersive experiences as a result of AR’s penetration into the digital domain, giving rise to a fresh type of AR marketing.

Users may engage with quick AR encounters in Niantic’s innovative AR advertisement style to earn in-game prizes. This makes it easier to target gamers who are close to important locations and give customised AR experiences that boost outcomes throughout the whole pipeline, such as in games played in real life like Pokemon Go.

Niantic has also forged alliances with major technological firms to provide businesses with a fully-managed artistic manufacturing procedure in an effort to speed up the creation of AR advertisements.

In order to raise brand recognition and item interest in its most recent coffee service, supermarket chain Circle K tested Niantic’s incentivised AR commercials. The rewarding AR advertisement was shown to Pokémon GO users as a flying balloon in the game.

Users engaged with a three-dimensional Circle K mug that they put in the area in front of themselves after clicking on the commercial and activating their cellphone camera. Users were encouraged to physically purchase a beverage at a local Circle K after engaging with the enormous item representation. Niantic reports that as a consequence of the initiative, the experience had a mean completion percentage of ninety-five and a median rate of participation of seventy-six percent.

Rewarding AR advertisements, according to Niantic, were created to boost company visibility via comprehensive item-based narrative, aid in the decision-making process with AR visuals, and boost revenue from conversion and sales by bringing customers into stores.

Niantic’s Vice President, Sales and Global Operations, Erin Schaefer, said that with the latest advancements in spatial computing, augmented reality (AR) provides a thrilling new approach to interact with the public. Niantic’s software supports mobile AR ad forms that blend in with their surroundings. She continued by saying that viewers might interact with paid AR advertisements to participate in realistic and pleasurable business interactions, learn about novel offerings, or connect with interactive aspects.

Schaefer said that by offering engaging brand encounters close to important geographical areas, this makes it easier to connect with customers and produces better outcomes.

With timely and relevant incentives that increase visibility and commitment, Circle K is integrated into this very popular gaming environment, according to Margaret Barron, VP of global marketing, Circle K. She also said that the company’s partnership with Niantic on Pokemon GO has created a few intriguing and fresh opportunities for its team to interact with its consumers and provide these individuals with convincing reasons to include Circle K throughout their daily lives.

When it comes to marketing initiatives, augmented reality has become favoured by brands.

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