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NexTech’s Latest Augmented Reality Offering ‘ScreenAR’ Sees A Surge in Sales

NexTech AR Solutions is a promising name when it comes to augmented reality for AR learning applications, eCommerce, and AR-enhanced video conferencing. The company proudly announced that its brand new augmented reality solution for video ‘ScreenAR’ has led to sales of over $100,000 in its first month.

NexTech has smoothly integrated ‘ScreenAR’ into the InfernoAR platform and uses its ARitize technology. By integrating its augmented reality solutions into InfernoAR, the company’s video conferencing events platform, NexTech has developed a magnificent suite of product offerings that helps firms drive their digital transformation.

With the quick success and adoption of ‘ScreenAR’, NexTech has significantly expanded its AR revenue-generating power, and now, it is turning into the de facto video conferencing industry standard. The recent hike in orders along with the newly announced Ryerson University contract for AR labs worth $250000 has set the stage for a rapid AR revenue growth in the future.

To fulfill this exponentially rising market demand NexTech is expanding its AR segment that consists of top-notch Unity developers, experienced 3D modelers, and skilled UI/UX designers. Additionally, Dawsyn Borland has joined the company and will head its new AR labs to proceed accordingly for the highly anticipated sales of AR glasses and continue to use AR for ScreenAR, WebAR, eCommerce, 3D/AR Advertising, and AR Labs. All of these are integral parts of NexTech’s ongoing initiative to expand its ecosystem of profit-generating AR solutions.

ScreenAR by NexTech sees a surge in sales. Image: nextech

Evan Gappelberg, NexTech’s Chief Executive Officer has said that owing to the huge demand of InfernoAR, the company’s AR products, and the growth in their AR eCommerce, they are expecting to have a fantastic Q3. With a rising sales force, a pipeline of deals, and quotes the tech giant is anticipating a $5 million profit for Q3, which nearly equals their 2019’s total revenue of $6 million. A wide range of customers are embracing their products and services, and Gappelberg believes it is because of the diverse product offerings. Some of their esteemed customers are faith-based organizations, universities, and Fortune 1000 corporate giants.

Gappelberg further said that with unique AR technology solutions, NexTech has a competitive edge in the market and the latest product ‘ScreenAR’ will help accelerate the mass adoption of its InfernoAR software. Paul Duffy, the company’s president emphasized on the rising demand for their innovative offer of Virtual events with Augmented Reality through InfernoAR. He further talked about his clients who can seamlessly augment their 2D presentations with 3D photorealistic immersive storytelling and this enables every form of event to use their augmented reality through 360 AR Portals, Screen AR, and other types of interactive AR experiences.

Duffy further talked about how they now deliver international product launches that reach numerous retail distributors and customers through InfernoAR, and users can directly access holographic products from the comfort and safety of their home. This innovative process is helping brands interact with their supply chains and customers during the COVID pandemic.

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