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Nextech AR Releases Update Shopify’s ARitize 3D

Nextech AR Solutions Corp, a firm specialising in AR, 3D modelling, and metaverse solutions and experiences for e-commerce service providers.

The company recently made an announcement regarding ARitize Configurator’s launch. It is an upgraded edition of Shopify’s ARitize 3D application. Following this release, the role of Nextech AR as a sector leader by offer a single integrated Shopify business solution. With 312 downloads so far and 124 businesses on the premium plan subscriptions, the ARitize 3D application for Shopify currently has a conversion rate of 40 per cent. 3D model use is expanding in the Shopify community at a rapid rate. There are expectations of the merchant acceptance increasing with the Configurator being added.

Evan Gappelberg, CEO of Nextech AR, made a statement, saying that e-commerce sales on platforms such as Amazon and Shopify have gone through the roof in recent years. Many consumers are now browsing and buying products across categories such as furniture by relying on features that are powered by technologies such as AR and 3D modelling. Sooner rather than later, a lot of businesses across sectors are very likely to opt for 3D modelling-based solutions, to achieve a leading edge over their closest competitors. Investing in 3D models is a way to stay ahead of the curve in today’s competitive business markets.

He also said that the company is experiencing tremendous business growth currently, also highlighting that they are cooperating with stalwarts like Prime Marketplace, aside from a range of other brands as well as others that have a high demand for 3D models. We have what I think to be the best AI-powered 3D modelling and configuration technology available on Shopify, another major online merchant platform.

ARitize Configurator permits e-commerce websites to showcase a vast range of product variants by relying on a solitary 3D model. It shows the way forward for a broader range of products. The technology being provided by the company has made it incredibly easy to browse through and showcase product variations, and their different editions through a solitary three-dimensional model. Shoppers have the option to switch between several instances of product options such as textures, colours, materials and components in 3D to make their picks.

Customers may also use the ar technology function to install the personalised premium quality 3D item in their house or any other desired location, to get an idea of how the product looks and sits within those environments. Customers may examine personalised items from every aspect and shift them around with precision before choosing to buy. This results in them making better decisions and improves their online shopping experience as a whole. As a result, they get an immersive and highly engaging experience that raises the interest of consumers and empowers them with knowledge. Some observations have shown such endeavours culminating in a vast increase in conversions, of up to 94%, as long as reducing returns by 40%.

With the introduction of Nextech AR’s embedded ARitize Configurator innovation to the ARitize 3D app in the merchant store, the firm now provides a comprehensive solution for businesses in the e-commerce sector.

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