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Nextech AR Joins Augmented Reality Board of Interactive Advertisement Bureau (IAB)

Nextech AR Solutions, a leading provider of diversified augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) services and technologies for education, e-commerce, events, and conferences, recently announced that the company joined the IAB Augmented Reality (AR) board. The IAB is a leading global trade association consisting of over 650 brands, technology firms, and media companies responsible for creating, selling, optimizing, and delivering digital ad campaigns.

Today, AR advertising has reached its inflection point where e-commerce companies and retailers are anticipated to invest in AR advertising and AR e-commerce. Nextech, as a leading AR and VR service provider, already has their AR technology in the market and presumably, has established metrics to measure the conversion data as well as engagement data to deliver accurate ROI on their AR ad campaigns to the customers. However, with the new board membership, Nextech will now work alongside their industry peers and subsequently, will contribute to developing industry standards for creating performance benchmarking, privacy considerations, and measurement standards for AR creative formats.

The future of advertising

Commenting on the membership, Zoe Soon, the Vice President of Experience Center, IAB has remarked that fast-tracked by the 5G network rollouts and the new socially-distanced reality, AR is undoubtedly becoming the future of advertising. He said that he is excited to welcome Nextech to the AR Board. He also emphasized that the mission of the AIB AR Board is to support brands so that they can connect with consumers in a more immersive manner. In this regard, Nextech is going to perfect addition to the AR Board by the merit of their virtual events and e-commerce solutions. With these services, Zoe Soon opined, Nextech is helping brands reimagining the ways of solving customers’ problems and deliver utility.

Nextech AR Joins Augmented Reality Board of Interactive Advertisement Bureau (IAB)

Significant ROI

As an AR service provider company, Nextech’s Advertising Network team has long been focused on building a strong, in-house network for advertisers, sponsors, and brands. This has already started to generate significant ROI for the enterprise, as well as the advertisement clients and shareholders. Nextech’s 3D/ AR advertisement network empowers the company to amass both offline and online first-party purchase data, thus demonstrating the complete impact of the said advertisement program.

Interact with the audience in a more immersive way

Responding to the media, Hareesh Achi, President of the Advertising Network at Nextech AR Solutions, expressed his contentment regarding the new membership. He remarked that this membership is another significant indication of Nextech’s potential to become a leading force in the emerging 3D/AR advertisement industry. He also stated that upon becoming the AR Board Members, Nextech will now be able to participate in a wide range of industry-focused committees that are responsible for creating best market practices and industry standards. Additionally, this opportunity will give Nextech further chances to showcase their own insights and technology. Subsequently, Nextech’s AR/3D technology, more particularly their AR advertisements and virtual events platforms will effectively support the advertising industry to accelerate the digital transformation, not only in terms of reaching more audiences but also allowing the brand or the product to interact with the audience in a more immersive way.

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