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New Smartphone AR Offering from ABB Makes Robot Installations Easier

ABB has recently launched the RobotStudio Augmented Reality Viewer to offer users the opportunity to explore a new innovation in robotic automation adoption. The new development will let them discover how automation can become integral, through their portable smart devices.

Users of the new technology will find it a lot easier to determine if a particular robot is suitable for their application. The Augmented Reality Viewer from ABB has also become a part of the robust RobotStudio offline software available on PC.

The RobotStudio AR Viewer is an application that can be utilised to evaluate any RobotStudio created model. It enables users to gain some insight into the scale and size of a robot or cell, and how they can be introduced to a factory floor and possibly work with current equipment. The application uses augmented reality technology to overlay modelled solutions into the actual production environment. They can also scale a model to its full size and rotate it across multiple angles to find the most suitable results.

AR Viewer is also beneficial as it lets users observe their chosen models in an operational state. It has a timeline feature to help users check a model’s time cycle and zoom into specific animation points. As a result, they can find potential ways of boosting performance and bringing any probable issues to the forefront.

The application can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the App Store. Users of iPhone 6s and later devices, iPad Pro users, and those with ARCore-supported Android 7.0 (and onwards) devices can download the app and use its features. It offers an affordable, easy to use and safe installation visualisation method for both groups and individuals. Users gain freedom from complexity issues, and concerns related to nausea or hygiene which are usually prevalent with virtual reality offerings.

AR Viewer is suitable for companies that have just adopted robotic automation, and also those that were previously unable to organise an installation due to resource and time scarcity. Antti Matinlauri, head of product management at ABB Robotics, said that the company’s interactions with SMEs pointed out that many organisations are now looking forward to implementing robotic automation, but lack the knowledge about how to do so.

RobotStudio is the company’s innovative tool for helping clients experience simpler installations and use of robots.

Matinlauri elaborated further, saying that the AR Viewer tool makes it additionally convenient for users to harness the full potential of RobotStudio. Users can observe how robots can become a part of their production setup, and how automation can enhance the flexibility and productivity of the current process. He emphasised that they can get an idea of the features before deciding to make an investment.

The RobotStudio software from ABB is an offering that creates the standards for offline programming and robot-powered simulation. Users of the augmented reality application can design and test out features before they are implemented in real life.

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