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New Ring from ARKH is the Latest Tool for Enhancing Engagement

The Covid-19 pandemic has inspired developers of technology solutions to push the innovative edge for ensuring maximum safety and keeping the masses entertained. Augmented reality and virtual reality are two of the most widely used forms of technology now and are witnessing massive growth in terms of market value.

ARKH, a spatial computing startup, has recently accumulated investment of $3.7 million through a seed round. It has acquired the majority of assets, intellectual properties and tooling from AR hardware company Litho AR. ARKH is gearing up for the release of a new augmented reality wearable ring during the early phase of 2022 to facilitate AR solutions management.

The companies will enter into the partnership but operate independently, as ARKH has about 95 percent of Litho AR assets. Yet, the investment move is being seen as a considerable step towards the development of new mixed reality offerings.

Landon Nickerson, CEO of ARKH, expressed that the acquisition is a major step for augmented reality development, adding that the results will be evident soon. He elaborated, saying that the company is laying focus on social interactions, and is aiming to highlight how the solution can help to improve the lives of individuals.

Based on the announcement made by ARKH, users will be capable of reinventing their environments by utilising virtual and interactive elements. It lets them screencast on virtual screens, place virtual items within rooms and also get access to exclusive games from the company.

Currently, the ARKH ecosystem can be divided into three different components, including a desktop hub, a mobile application and the ARKH ring wearable device. The desktop hub is a device capable of virtual asset mapping with respect to physical space, and the ring is first of its kind in the world as an AR wearable device that works similar to a mouse. The experience is completed by an interactive application that connects phone cameras supporting AR to the company’s AR kit. The assets can be overlaid on screen by users who can then proceed to build their custom shared spaces.

According to Nickerson, users of the ARKH hub will have the options of generating, sharing and even profiting from the social augmented reality platform’s elements. Following the partnership, there are expectations of ARKH speeding up the development of the new AR ring. Users will also gain access to the other augmented reality experiences being offered by the company. They can also enjoy hassle-free shopping experiences with the product.

Nickerson spoke about the partnership, saying that ARKH is setting itself apart from its competition by making different development decisions. He explained that the key objective for the company is to provide augmented reality products that enhance engagement and take away technical hurdles. Nickerson predicted that the world will open up to the benefits of data and spatial computing in the next few years, indicating that usage will also grow.

The company is set to launch a private beta and an open beta of the offering soon.

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