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New Nreal Air Glasses feature trendy augmented reality capabilities

When one puts the Nreal Air AR glasses on, they are immediately going to notice the durable and lightweight form factor of it. It also offers an engaging and immersive experience that can leave wearers wanting more.


The new AR goggles by Nreal are similar to traditional glasses and quite different from virtual reality headsets on the market. They weigh at only 79 grams or 2.79 ounces. On first look, Nreal’s offering looks quite similar to traditional glasses, as opposed to commercial-grade VR headsets. Some might say that they look like sunglasses, but with a cable attachment that stretches from the wearer’s ear to their device.

The wired setup might be something different than what wearers expect from sunglasses.

two 3,840 x 1,080 pixel OLED displays transmit images down into the inside lenses, giving the glasses a unique aesthetic. The remote control is the phone on the other end of the cable, which is designed with large onscreen icons in its application so one does not have to peek at it.


The AR glasses have a virtual screen that appears before the eyes of users and this display is as large as about 201 inches. It covers a lot of the field-of-view of those who are wearing it.

This makes it ideal for consuming streaming and other online content whilst on the go, or enjoying a game when one is travelling on public transport. However, users of the glasses need to tread with caution to not bother fellow commuters.

The audio is delivered by a pair of directional speakers built into the glasses’ arms. However, a user can easily connect their preferred in-ear earphones via Bluetooth. Nreal has also allowed users  to connect Bluetooth game controllers to the glasses.

The Nreal Air AR glasses are reliant on a stable connection, whether it’s wi-fi or 5G. As a result, the device can now only be used with UK’s 5G network carrier, EE. The Nreal does not close off everything around a user. They can check out what the world around them whilst the glasses are in use. With the help of a light shield, users can get completely immersed in the piece of content they are streaming at any moment.

The lack of a battery in the Nreal Air glasses contributes to their lightness. These devices are powered by Android devices to which they have been attached. One can easily watch upto five hours of streaming content with ease. That should suffice for most routine journeys. The Nreal Air glasses can be worn over your current glasses, and they are equipped with flexible nose clips to assure proper alignment.

But, users will be more comfortable without these clips. Other functions from your phone can be presented in the same enormous virtual display with Air Casting. It can function as a great screen mirroring experience.


The effects being produced by the screen are of a high-quality and can be further enhanced by using the Light Shield, depending on where the user is. The light weight, convenient look and set of features make the Nreal glasses a great choice.

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