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New Google and NexTech AR Partnership Set to Launch 3-D Ads

NexTech AR Solutions Corp., the augmented reality publishing company, recently made an announcement regarding its partnership with Google LLC. The companies are collaborating to launch a selection of 3-D advertisements, to be showcased using Google’s immersive display solution for clients.

NexTech is set to utilise its exclusive 3-D asset development technology to generate content for the Google Swirl advertisement platform.

The Google Swirl platform offers a three-dimensional advertising format for businesses. It was launched as the first immersive ad format for Google. Swirl lets advertisers recruit 360-degree resources on mobile devices, enabling customers to get better perspectives before making purchase decisions. Using Swirl, customers can zoom into or away from a product, play designated animations and rotate items.

Evan Gappelberg, Chief Executive, NexTech, emphasised that many companies are seeking avenues for 2-D to 3-D advertising transformation. He remarked that NexTech’s cutting-edge 3-D capture technology makes it the first company to offer a holistic solution for brands and advertisers. Users can create three-dimensional product assets, display ads in 3-D space, feature WebAR 3-D reviews and shopping journeys. All of these feature sets ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for customers, making purchase decisions more likely.

NexTech is working with Google to provide its 3-D assets for use within the Swirl Ads ecosystem.

Swirl Ads, which can be accessed via the Video 360 and Display formats of Google, ads a dimension to the advertising capabilities of brands. Brands can seamlessly integrate their 3-D assets within ads, whilst making negligible code modifications. NexTech is offering its proprietary 3-D asset development capabilities for a process comprising of 3-D asset creation, DV360 publishing, and campaign metrics tracking.

Image: Google

The advertisements being created for this collaboration are compatible with prominent ad networks such as DoubleClick and Google Ad Network. Cross-device advertisements with 3-D assets are compatible across browsers and are generated using NexTech AR assets. Hence, no extra effort is needed for creating the advertisement.

According to Gappelberg, NexTech’s 3-D augmented reality solutions enable the creation of high-quality experiences for those who shop online. He stressed that these are the customers who feel the need for more vivid experiences to make purchase decisions.

Tests regarding the importance of three-dimensional advertisements were performed by Sketchfab, a marketplace service specialising in 3-D models. According to the test results, 3-D ads were favoured by customers compared to 2-D advertisements. There were significant improvements in terms of customer engagement with 3-D ads. Immersive advertisements raised sign-up conversions by a staggering 633% and click-through rate (CTR) by 376%.


Research was conducted by data analysis firm eMarketer in 2018 regarding the prospects of digital advertising. According to its forecast, about 50% e-commerce ad spend, estimated to be around  $357 million, will go towards digital ads by 2020. ARtize, the AR-based multi-platform publishing system for e-commerce, is a key offering of NexTech. It facilitates the transformation of 2-D objects into augmented reality content for customers.

The collaboration with Google is a big step towards the future for NexTech as a brand.

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