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New Augmented Reality Experience Being Offered by Siduri Winery

Siduri Winery, a famed Pinot Noir specialist, recently announced a one-of-a-kind holographic, photorealistic web augmented reality (AR) experience that showcases engaging visual storytelling for the consumer goods industry. The company has collaborated with augmented reality design firm Rock Paper Reality for the development of this offering. The new technology enables Siduri to effortlessly grab consumers and educate them in an innovative way. It goes hand in hand with the winemaker’s concept of bringing together quality wine and quality experiences.

The Siduri Holographic Experience was created using the Mixed Reality Capture Studios technology from Microsoft. It showcases Siduri Founder Adam Lee launching out of a wine bottle, in a series of engaging 3D segments that can appeal to consumers. They can directly access the experience by clicking on a hyperlink or by scanning a QR code. The QR code is expected to be available on Siduri wine labels next year. These will enable consumers to witness the immersive experience at restaurants and wine shops that serve Siduri bottles. The immersive experiences feature Adam narrating stories about the winery in an entertaining yet educational manner.

Adam Lee, the Founder of Siduri, spoke about the concept of the development. According to him, the Siduri brand has always put in efforts to engage its consumer base over wine, whilst keeping the experiences simple. He emphasised that the brand was focused on going against the general idea that wine has to be serious. Lee said that the brand was founded due to his love for Pinot, but it also had to do with his easygoing and charismatic personality. He revealed that the company capitalised on the chance to bring its fun and engaging experiences to life with a flamboyant brand like Siduri.

The Siduri brand has always put in efforts to engage its consumer base over wine, whilst keeping the experiences simple. – Adam Lee

Currently, many consumer brands are getting accustomed to the new post-pandemic reality by finding novel methods for initiating customer engagement. The Siduri Holographic Experience marks the first time that the Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios has been used for Web AR, and its first foray into the consumer goods sector. The experience has been created by the 3D content and AR team from Rock Paper Reality, and the Web AR development platform of 8th Wall. It is set to introduce interactive AR and holograms for people with smartphones.

Adam had to go door to door to offer Siduri to the brand’s consumers during its early days. Now, he is able to bring the wines to all customers through their phone screens.

Augmented reality technology had limitations before as using it with volumetric capture was challenging for most marketing companies, as users needed to download applications or purchase headsets. Such requirements made things quite difficult for the consumers and led to them quitting immediately. Patrick Johnson, the CEO of Rock Paper Reality, said that the volumetric capture technology from

Microsoft and the company’s AR acumen has made sophisticated holographic projections accessible for everyone, without any restrictions of time or place.

The experiences can be accessed by consumers currently on the official Siduri website. Users come across a QR code on opening the site, which can be scanned to enter the augmented reality experiences.

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