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New Augmented Reality App Lets Android and iOS Users Take Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck for a Drive

The recent Tesla Cybertruck unveiling event has become one of the most talked-about events around the world today. Since the event and Elon lifting the curtains on the unique design, the craze has grown rapidly. Although the design has divided opinion there have already been 250 thousand pre-orders for the vehicle.

The Cybertruck will be available to customers several years later, but anyone can now hop onto its driver seat with the help of an augmented reality (AR) application.

An AR app has been released recently following the Tesla Cybertruck unveiling event a few weeks back. Known as AR Cybertruck, the application is a non-Tesla associated, unofficial application that allows anyone to get a closer look at the much-anticipated vehicle. Users can expect a first-hand experience through it.

The application is a simplistic offering available for Android and iOS devices. Users will be handling a scaled augmented reality version of the Tesla Cybertruck with real-life dimensions. They can observe the vehicle and evaluate if it will indeed be a good choice.

A YouTuber recently tried the application to put a life-size version of the truck in his garage, only to discover that it was too big to fit in.

Users can use the application to test the real-world size of the truck and how it would fit into their settings. In addition, they can also see how the Cybertruck looks stacked alongside other real-world vehicles.

Checking the actual and relative dimensions of the Cybertruck is only one aspect of the application’s features. It offers several other augmented reality features to users, such as the ability to flick on the front and backlights, open and close the tonneau and lower the vehicle’s hatch.

The AR app’s features do not stop just there, as users also have the option of fiddling around with the appearance. They can change the default stainless steel exterior of the vehicle to a matte black one, a colour variant that Elon has committed to when the vehicle becomes available in the latter half of 2022.

Users who are unable to fit the life-size version of AR Cybertruck into their garages should not be disheartened. The app developers have made a ‘mini’ edition of the application available. One can easily put this across their desks and perform an instant inspection. Users who are looking for a more hands-on approach can take the vehicle out for a test drive in the real world.

The AR Cybertruck application can be accessed by users for $2, a price that some might question due to the bare-bones nature of the offering. Yet, individuals among the 250,000 who have pledged $100 to pre-order the Cybertruck should have no problem paying the small fee. Tesla fans around the world might have been looking for something very similar to this application.

Elon Musk recently took his Cybertruck out for a ride on the LA streets. Whilst he can do that, others will have to wait until the vehicle is available. Till then, this AR application is a very practical option for getting familiar with the Cybertruck.

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